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Subject: Re: work on HTML Manual (was: Rockbox Manual)

Re: work on HTML Manual (was: Rockbox Manual)

From: Woody Anna Dresner <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 14:27:49 -1000

Hi Dominic,

Wow, what an improvement! Things really are
displayed in a logical order, and there aren't
words with missing or extra spaces. Very nice.

I have a few suggestions. These may be due to
the fact that the manual is still in development
overall - if so, I imagine they'll be resolved as things are filled in.

It would be useful at the beginning of Chapter 2
to have some text describing the iPod layout -
where the various buttons are. This would
provide brand new users the information available
to sighted users in the picture showing screen
layout. Until someone knows that play/pause is
at the bottom, select is the middle button, etc., they won't get very far.

IN a couple places, I noticed page numbers that
weren't links. Since there are no page numbers
in this version, links would be very useful.

The section on bookmarks was a bit confusing - it
was hard to figure out where one topic ended and
another began. Lists might help here. This is
what that section looks like using Firefox and my screen reader, Window-Eyes:

5.5. Bookmarking
Bookmarks allow you to save your current position
within a track so that you can
return to it at a later time. Bookmarks are saved
on a per folder basis. In other
words, all of the files in the same folder have
their bookmarks stored together in
the folder where the files are located. You can
store multiple bookmarks for the
same track.
Bookmark on Stop.
This option controls whether Rockbox writes a
bookmark to the disk when playback
is stopped. Setting this to No
  turns automatic bookmarking completely off. In contrast
Yes turns automatic bookmarking on while Ask
  asks on stopping the track if a bookmark should
be created. With the above options
Yes and Ask if there is an existing .bmark
  file the current position information will be
added to the front of the existing
list, up to the maximum number of allowed
bookmarks per file (currently 10). If no
  file exists, one will be created with the new
bookmark information. Finally, if
of Recently Used Bookmarks
  option is enabled, the bookmarking information
will be added to recent bookmarks
list. [This next part is particularly confusing]
Yes – Recent Only.
Turns on automatic bookmarking – One bookmark only
Ask – Recent Only.
Asks if a bookmark should be created when stopping track – One bookmark only
With the two Recent Only options, nothing is
written to the .bmark file. If the Maintain
of Recently
  Used Bookmarks option is enabled, the
bookmarking information will however be added
to recent bookmarks list.

Again, thanks for working on this - it really is a lot better.

All the best,
Received on 2006-07-18

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