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Subject: issues with ipod

issues with ipod

From: Rob Powell <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:52:58 +0100

Hi all, for some reason my messages don't appear to be getting
through to the list, so I'm using the reply function to get this one
through, if it looks strange.

First, could I echo Anna's thanks to the developers who have worked
so hard on rockbox on the ipod: it's going to be very good.

I'm having a few problems at the moment though, which I could do with
some help on.

First, I've read the FAQ, and it mentions problems with playback. My
audio books work fine, but the albums I've put onto the unit won't
play properly. I get maybe 10 seconds of music, then 1 second
break. The music always starts from the point it finished. I
realise that this is probably because of the bit-rate I've recorded
at, but could someone tell me what the max bit-rate I can use is? I
could then convert the albums once placed on my ipod as a temporary
measure until the problem is fixed.

Second, I can charge my ipod using the USB port on the computer, but
I can't do it via the charger, since i installed rockbox. The
charger I've got used the data cable to connect from the mains block
of the charger to the ipod. When I plug it in, first I don't get
music, and second the disk keeps spinning up and down. I can't
imagine that this does the HD any good, or that it's an efficient way
of charging the ipod. Any suggestions?

Third, I allowed the apple store to install itunes for me, as they
wouldn't have it that I didn't need it!!. How can I now remove it?
the normal add/remove programme in control panel doesn't do it.

Fourth, I keep getting an error when I try to copy files to the
ipod. I have managed to copy some stuff but...

the error is, "error copying file, , unable to copy file
x.xx, unable to perform the request because of an IO device
error. I'm using an external HD to store my music on, however I've
tried copying from my C drive too. The problem doesn't occur when I
use my old Archos, nor any other device. Any suggestions?

Fifth, My settings keep getting reset. Could I not be saving
settings, or more likely could I accidentally be doing a factory
reset? It creates a problem for me, as the factory reset turns off
speech in files and directories.

Finally a note, the ipod installer works very well now, and it might
be possible for rockbox to adopt it. I've got some specific comments
about it, so if one of the guys from the ipod wizard web site wants
to give me a shout off-list, then I'll let you have some feedback.

Tanks for any help,

Rob At 10:19 25/07/2006, you wrote:
>I've pasted in a text description of the iAudio x5 layout, which can be used
>in the manual for those of us with less than perfect sight!
>Let me know if anything is inaccurate or otherwise wide of the mark.
>See below for content:
>Text description of the iAudio x5
>Place the player on a flat surface in front of you with the thicker part of
>the machine facing away.
>1. The top surface
>Roughly 1 third of the upper most surface of the player is taken up by the
>screen. This is found at the end furthest from you.
>Directly below the bottom right corner of the screen is the five way joyce
>This can move up, down, right, left and can also be pressed.
>When the joyce stick is pressed this selects a file or menu option.
>2. The right edge
>Moving from top to bottom or from furthest to nearests the following
>controls are found:
>The microphone jack: used with an external microphone.
>The power switch: This is a rocker type switch. Use your nail to lift the
>switch and then release it and it will return to its original position.
>record botton: Used to start recording and for activating the main menu.
>play/pause/stop button: self explanatory
>3. The left edge
>Moving from top to bottom or from furthest to nearests the following
>controls are found:
>the headphone jack
>The OTG USB slot: This is accessed by removing a small piece of metal
>attached to a short string from the slot. You may need to use your nail to
>remove the piece of metal.
>4. The bottom edge
>There is a small connector found on the bottom edge, into which you put the
>mini dock. When you first receive the player this connector may be
>protected by a small strip of rubber which can easily be removed.
> 5. The mini dock
>The mini dock is a rectangular piece of plastic which is attached to the
>bottom of the player and which provides extra connections to the player.
>Moving from left to right along the bottom of the mini dock the following is
>AC power adaptor jack: used for recharging the player
>USB slot: used for attaching a USB cable
>line in/line out jacks: used for attaching line in/line out cables.
Received on 2006-07-25

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