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Subject: Re: need help looking for mp3 WMA player

Re: need help looking for mp3 WMA player

From: Rocker <>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 06:48:11 -0600

Hi Jim,

I'm way up here in Canada so It might be better to have someone from the
states to communicate by phone with. I'm sure that another blind user will
be happy to offer up some time. In the mean time I suggest you surf to and read all about the firmware and the various players it


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From: "K4NKZ Jim Ardin" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 6:39 AM
Subject: Re: need help looking for mp3 WMA player

thanks! I would like to know if we can talk by phone, because I am a bad
speller because of dyslexia? if you are in the 48 states, I can call you. or
you can call me at 850 210 0007
thanks for any and all help!
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From: "Rocker" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: need help looking for mp3 WMA player

> Hi Jim,
> As Tor already stated: "the IHP140 or H340 is likely the best choice for
> your needs. Keep in mind that to find a new one will be about the same
> price as an IPod. Rockbox will not play WMA files but you can boot into
> the
> original IRiver firmware and play them that way. Of course then you will
> have no speech.
> I use the IHP140 for audio books and music. It does all the things you
> are
> asking for. I think the resume on start up feature still causes some
> crashes but since I have disabled this feature I don't know for sure.
> Regardless, it will still resume with an extra click of the play button.
> Rockbox is very stable on this player.
> hth...rocker
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "K4NKZ Jim Ardin" <>
> To: "rockbox" <>
> Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 4:10 AM
> Subject: need help looking for mp3 WMA player
> Hi everybody, I am brand-new to this rock box lists, and I have a lot of
> questions!
> Let me give you some of my personal history!
> I was using a Dell DJ 30 MP3 player. Until last week when it died on me.
> I was using the MP3 player, to play talking books that I converted to MP3
> and WMA files. I made each book into one track.
> So each track was five to 10 hours long. So if I had to stop in the
> middle
> of a book, and pick it up the next day, or an
> hour later, when I started the book the next day, it would start at the
> beginning of the book. So I would have to
> fast-forward to the spot where I left off the day before and.
> So what I am looking for is a better way of handling these books.
> And I'm hoping that somebody on this list would be able to help me. I am
> thinking that I could probably use a MP3 playlists
> for each book and break each book up into multiple tracks. And then
> instead
> of selecting play all tracks to go through my
> books I could go through to playlists and select which book I wish to
> start
> with. But I am thinking that I would have to use
> a this rock box software to really know what I am doing.
> So because I have to replace my MP3 player I am asking everyone on this
> list
> to please let me know which MP3 players that
> have 30 G or more of memory will work with the rock box software! I am not
> looking for a discontinued model, or an out of
> date model, or an Apple iPod. Because you paid too much for the Apple
> name.
> I would also like to be able to place a bookmark when I turn the MP3
> player
> off, so when I started the next day it will pick
> up in the middle of the book if possible!
> I hope I explained what I am looking for. And I really hope that somebody
> will be able to help me
> before I spend $300 or more for a MP3 player that I can't work.
> Thanks for any and all help, from A MP3 / WMA player dummy.
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> Have A Nice Day, cause somebody should!
> From Jim eMail =
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Received on 2006-08-11

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