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Subject: Re: iRiver h10 20

Re: iRiver h10 20

From: Dave Hooper <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:23:20 +0100

First I'd like to reiterate the following important points!
1) The rockbox manuals answer most of your questions, and are available at
2) Rockbox is *NOT YET* available for iriver H10 or H20 but it is being
worked on.
3) There is currently no estimate of when Rockbox will be fully functional
on an iriver H10 or H20

That said - on with the questions..

>I know that most of the things below are just hopeful wishes, but I have to
> just things like:
> 1: where are the controls located?

That's not really a question for the Rockbox mailing list, right?
Your answer to this will be somewhere on (not at all
affiliated with the Rockbox project)

e.g. here is a link to the H10 5GB pure edition manual

> 2: how do you work it with out rockBox?

Without Rockbox, the iriver H10 will function exactly as iriver designed it.
i.e. as per the manual above

> 3: note! I am mainly going to use it to lisson to books that I have as 1
> mp3 or WMA track per book! and I would like to know if the rockBox program
> would be able to store a book mark so when I start to lisson to the book
> the next day, it will start up where I left off the day before?

Yes. With the exception that Rockbox does not (and likely will not) be able
to play WMA files, at least for the foreseeable future. This is because WMA
is proprietary (and non-free) and Rockbox is open-source (and free).

> 4: can I store books using many tracks per book, and still have it play
> only the 1 book that I am lissoning too?

If you want to. You could put all the tracks in one directory, for example,
or use one playlist per book. Both ideas should work with Rockbox

> 5: when you are doing voice recording, (for school) how many hours will
> you be able to record?

Depends on the size of the hard drive. Recording is by default in .wav
format, so a 5GB drive gives you about 8 hours at 44.1khz in stereo. I
believe work is in progress to record directly to mp3 and wavpack format,
which would increase this by a factor of roughly 10 (i.e. roughly 80 hours).
(I could be way off the ball here - someone correct me if that's the case?)

> 6: does it have a palls button that will work when recording?

You can pause while recording, yes.

> 7: also wile recording, can I place a marker that I can tab to when I am
> lissoning to the book to get too a important spot in the file?

You can split files while recording, so your 'marker' would just immediately
start recording to a new file instead (so when you hit the marker button, it
ends the file it's currently recording, and continues recording but to the
next file instead)

hope this helps!

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> Subject: Re: iRiver h10 20
>> what would you like to know.
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>> Subject: iRiver h10 20
>>> can any body talk to me about the iRiver h10 20?
>>> thanks for any and all help
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>>> Have A Nice Day, cause somebody should!
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