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Subject: Problems installing on iPod 5G Video, and suggestions

Problems installing on iPod 5G Video, and suggestions

From: Mark <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 19:54:50 +0100


I'm trying to install RB on a new 5G 60GB Video iPod, and don't seem to be
having much luck.
I've followed the installation instructions in the manual at
but it seems that RB may not be installed correctly.
I say 'may' because I'm blind, and so the only way I can tell if it is
successful would be if the menus were to be voiced, and they are not.
(I have installed RB on a Nano before so I do know how great RB is!)

I know that plenty of blind folks have successfully installed on iPods, so I
must admit to being rather puzzled.
With my iPod in the state it is in at the moment though, I can't tell if:
a) the .voice file I have installed is not up-to-date or invalid for some
other reason, but everything else is OK;
b) there is some other problem with the Rockbox files on the iPod hard
drive; or
c) the Rockbox boot loader is not correctly installed.

It would be *really* helpful if Rockbox could give some sort of audible
confirmation that is independent of the voice facility when it is booted up.
That way, a blind user would be able to tell whether the problem was with
the .voice file, or the main installation or the boot loader. (If that
would be too annoying once it was installed OK, then perhaps there could be
a setting to turn it off)

I noticed on the iPod installation WIKI page that the bootpartition that is
extracted from the iPod should be 112MB:

"This should create a file in the current folder called bootpartition.bin
(approximately 40MB for the iPod 3G, 4G and Color/Photo, 80MB for the Nano
gen and 30GB Video, and 112MB for the 60GB Video) containing a copy of the
"firmware partition" from your iPod."

But when I ran the 'ipodpatcher -r' command the bootpartition.bin file that
was created was only 39.1Mb. (yes, it is definitely a 5G since the hard
drive is 60GB)

I carried on with the installation, but the ipod_fw or ipodpatcher commands
did not report any errors, so I proceeded, fingers crossed.

So does anyone know why ipodpatcher would produce a bootpartition.bin file
of 39.1MB for an iPod Video 60GB?
If someone has the extracted apple_os.bin and apple_sw_5g_rcsc.bin files
that they could email to me I could try creating the rockboot.bin file from
them to see if that helps.

Any other suggestions most welcome.

Received on 2006-10-04

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