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Subject: Re: Problems installing Rockbox on iriver h320

Re: Problems installing Rockbox on iriver h320

From: James Teh <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 22:40:22 +1000

Oh, btw, three other points:
* You can be certain that the Iriver firmware is booting if you hear a
beep upon turning on the player. Rockbox does not beep. If you get no
beep when the player turns on, then Rockbox is booting.
* Make sure you are using a voice from the CVS section of the VoiceFiles
* Rockbox will not boot with the power adapter connected. You must
disconnect the power, boot the player and then reconnect if you wish to
use power while in Rockbox. This is a known issue and will be resolved
someday, I hope.


Paul Hopewell wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new list member. I am visually impaired and am thus excited about
> the speech capabilities of rockbox. I recently purchased a reconditioned
> iriver h320 and am currently unsuccessfully trying to install rockbox on
> it. I would much appreciate any suggestions on why it does not work.
> I have done the following:
> 1. Downloaded the latest daily build for the iriver h300 from the
> rockbox WEB site and moved it to the iriver. This gave me a folder
> .rockbox and a file rockbox.iriver of 361 KB.
> 2. Downloaded the fonts package and moved it to the .rockbox folder
> on the iriver. I could only find a single fonts package on the
> rockbox WEB site. Is the font package the same for all platforms?
> 3. Downloaded the MS Mary voice and renamed it to english.voice and
> moved it to the langs folder on the iriver. this voice is 1498 KB.
> I noted that the langs folder contains lng files for nots of
> non-English languages. Should I delete all these?
> 4. Downloaded the iriver firmware 1.28EU from the iriver SWEB site.
> 5. Patched this firmware with fwpatcher.exe which I downloaded from
> the iriver h300 section of the Rockbox WEB site. This claimed to
> be successful and gave
> me a h300.hex file of 4091 KB.
> 6. Transfered the patched firmware to the iriver and did the firmware
> upgrade. This all seemed to work. The firmware upgrade process
> shut down the iriver as expected.
> 7. Restarted the iriver. I expected menus to then start talking.
> However as far as I could tell the iriver seemed to still boot the
> iriver 1.28 firmware. the buttons and menus seemed to be the same
> as those that existed before I started the rockbox install.
> I believe my iriver is a USA model as it came with a USA charger.
> However I suspect that this is not relevant.
> Any ideas on what I should do next? Should I have deleted all music
> files from the iriver before starting the rockbox install? Should I have
> upgraded the firmware before moving the Rockbox code onto the iriver?
> Could I have installed the wrong fonts package and if so what would be
> the effect? Does the fonts package live under the .rockbox folder or
> does it live inside some subfolder? Should I delete non-English files
> from the langs folder? Is there some way to tell whether the firmware
> upgrade worked OK? re this point if I start the iriver with the USB
> cable connected to my computer the iriver seems to hang until I unplug
> the USB cable (as expected if the firmware upgrade had worked) but the
> iriver is not visible to my computer.
> Do the file sizes I mention above look OK?
> Many thanks for your help.
> Paul Hopewell
> <>
> <>

James Teh
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo: jcs_teh
Received on 2006-10-06

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