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Subject: Re: blind user Iriver h140 .mp3 files are not voicing

Re: blind user Iriver h140 .mp3 files are not voicing

From: Glenn at home <>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 21:52:27 -0500

Hello again Pat,
I thought I would send out a better explaination, which I got from:
Here's the useful info for the task:
Speaking / spelling directories and file numbers

Now, you'll need to configure your directory and file names to be spoken,
numbered or spelled. You can have names announced by number (folder 1,
2, or file 1, file 2, etc), have them spelled audibly, (M U S I C), or have
them announced through tiny recorded clips in mp3 format. To have names
by number or spelled, simply change the setting in menu />general settings/>
voice. There are options called "voice directories" and "voice filenames".
You can set these features to "off," "numbers", "spell", or "while
hovering". The last option activates the spoken voice clips; the first three
don't need
any voice clips, as they are provided by the rockbox firmware (as long as
you have the appropriate .voice file, as described above).

If you want your directory names or file names spoken as words, rather than
spelled or given numbers, you need to know that rockbox doesn't have any
TTS capabilities. In order to speak a folder name, rockbox wants to see a
file called

inside that folder. That is literally "", unlike the talking
filenames the directory name .talk files do not match the name of the
(hopefully someone will put that in the Rockbox code someday). In order to
speak a filename, e.g., "technoMix.mp3", rockbox wants to see a file called

in the same folder as the original technoMix.mp3 file. Remember the .talk
filename must match the .mp3 filename exactly, dashes numbers spaces,
then tack on the ".talk" to your small clip of the song.

The .talk files contain the spoken name of the folder or file in MP3 format.
They are in regular MP3 format, if you have the software and patience you
put in a small spoken announcement and fade in a clip of the song, whatever
you'd like. Talking menus, dirnames, and filenames comes in handy not only
for visually impaired users but when driving or when the Archos is stuck
inside your coat, etc. Basically whenever you cannot easily look at the

A script to automatically create the .talk files using a computer voice for
folders and/or filenames is available here:

You will also need a copy of the free lame mp3 encoder, available here:

You will need to install lame (run lamewin32.exe), then copy lame.exe and
the contents of the archive into the same directory. You are
ready to run the voiceBox.wsf script. You can either drag files or folders
onto the script (voiceBox.wsf), or simply run it from your file manager or a
command prompt. If no files are dropped on the script or specified on the
command line, you will be asked to enter the name of a file or folder. You
enter the full pathname to the file or folder if you are using the command
line or entering names at the script prompt. Depending on how many files and
folders you are voicing, and the speed of your computer, the script should
give you a success message in a short time - a few seconds for a few files
folders, several minutes for a larger collection of names. Please read the
included file "voiceBox_README.txt" for more detailed instructions on how to
configure the script, e.g., voicing only folders or filenames, but not both.

If you get an error message from the script, or nothing seems to be
happening at all, check if perhaps your virus scanner is blocking any
scripting activity.
If it is, you should temporarily disable this feature - do not forget to
re-enable it after you have generated your .talk files! You might also want
look at the contents of the file "VoiceBox_logfile.txt", which contains a
list of the files and folders processed and the commands that the script
to execute.

Once the clip generation process is completed, disconnect the jukebox and
reboot it as usual. You'll need to set the "voice directories" and "voice
options alluded to above to "while hovering", which will then cause rockbox
to "speak" the corresponding voice clip for the file or folder as you hover
over it in the file browser.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Pat Fletcher" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 7:54 PM
Subject: blind user Iriver h140 .mp3 files are not voicing

Hey guys,
I have the Iriver h140 talking and running rockbox. Latest build. I have
the folders set up with voice clips for each of the folders and the mp3 .
files on the player. I have checked and it all looks good. I have set the
player for Rockbox to play "MP3 clips" for the folder and
file names. The folders are spoken by Cate of Speech. . I do not hear
the voice speak any of the mp3 files. . . HELP, how do I make the player
use the voice clips to speak the names of the mp3 files? How do I find
each song so I can select what I want to hear. . OK OK I am a beginner and
so please be patient. First question: does the .mp3 files show up under the
browser and can be voiced with speech? An example is I have a music folder
with about 35 files in it. I can go into the folder but none of the .mp3
files are showing up or should I say talking. . the folder names speak
fine. but no .mp3 files talk. So am I missing something?
I thought OK maybe I need to make a play list and that will show or ( speak
the names of the .mp3 files during the list creation or once they are there.
Nope. I can add a file to the play list but it really gets scrambled from
there.Can any one help please? Simple instructions only please as I am blind
and a new be.
Thanks Allot,
Received on 2006-10-24

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