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Subject: RE: USB charge does not work at all on H340

RE: USB charge does not work at all on H340

From: Mat Mirabella <>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 23:07:15 +1000

Vik and all.

That is exactly what I have been trying. As I have mentioned before in my
emails... I have indeed tried the holding of REC followed by plugging in the
USB cable into the socket. I always thought that was the right way to do it
and it has always been the way I have tried. But that won't work for me. I
try to do this and yes, it tries to move into the iriver firmware but as I
mentioned in my email... It drops out (as in shuts down) before getting to
the "Charging screen". I then see a cycle of this continuing without ever
getting to "charging". This did not used to happen some time ago but it has
been like this for a month or so now.

I have actually seen those power supply things that plug into USB and/or
power and can charge the unit via USB. I am thinking of getting that. But
I want to know what is wrong (if anything) with my player. I can't charge
via USB properly at the moment and I would like to fix that ... It may be a
battery issue or a circuit board issue. Or it may be that the player runs
the battery too low while playing for it to have the ability to go into
charge mode, but shuts down instead. I have also considered the possibility
that my USB socket or something is stuffed so that power is not being
delivered to the unit properly. Which might explain why it sometimes tries
to go into "connect" mode instead of charge mode. Thoughts anyone???

By the way, what do you mean by getting the right build of rockbox? I did
not think rockbox had USB charging in it as yet (it was a patch). Is it now
in the current version of rockbox. I see the details of recent CVS
activity, but it is hard to see the wood for the trees in terms of working
out what is actually new at this point in time relative to older daily
builds. Perhaps there is scope for the things that are really new in daily
builds to be noted in the news on the front page of the rockbox site?


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From: [] On
Behalf Of victor rajewski
Sent: Friday, 27 October 2006 1:47 PM
To: Rockbox
Subject: Re: USB charge does not work at all on H340

I find the following works for me: With the device switched off, hold
the REC button, and plug the USB cable in (you are pluggin into the
USB 2.0 Device port, right?). This boots into the iriver firmware and
starts charging. Mine's doing it right now, in fact.

As for other power supplies, you needn't get a 'proper' iriver pack,
you can get anything which supplies 5-6 volts that fits - just make
sure you get the polarity right or you'll end up with a brick! Or yet
another option is to hack a USB cable to go plug in to the device's
power socket rather than USB socket - you can prolly get this on ebay
too, or even one which splits a USB cable into a mini plug and DC

Having said that, I _have_ had success with rockbox charging over USB
- you just need to make sure you have the right build.


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From: Mat Mirabella <>
Date: Oct 27, 2006 9:38 AM
Subject: USB charge does not work at all on H340


I am now finding that USB charging won't work at all. When not too
low on battery, the H340 goes into the iriver firmware but attempts to
"connect" rather than charge... there is no way i can see how to force
it to go into charge mode when on USB. I know there is an option in
iriver firmware to set USB charging - and that is ON at the moment.
Does anyone know of any other issues with the iriver firmware or what
may be making my player fail to go into charge mode on USB?

I am finding it ratehr annoying that I can no longer charge this
device via USB because I want to be able to charge it at other
locations where I don't have the power supply handy. I could buy
another power supply (I have seen them on ebay), but I want to be able
to USB charge this device.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Received on 2006-10-27

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