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Subject: Re: Help with Iaudio installation please

Re: Help with Iaudio installation please

From: Graham Roby <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:04:30 -0000

Hi Stéfane,

Thanks for this.

As I've tried to describe, with the charger plugged in, you turn the machine
on, the hard drive sounds like its trying to start twice kind of like a car
engine revving this lasts for 4 seconds or so, then you can't hear a thing.

My friend tells me during this process rock box bootloader 2.0 appears.

If you don't have the charger plugged in the the hd will only try to spin up
the once.
When the drive has gon silent the machine reverts to the charging screen.
Just so you know I haven't installed rockbox its self only the bootloader.
Since I did this I can no longer access the iaudio drive or my drive i which
the machine was on when I first plugged it in.
It has not moved drive letter and does not show at all in my computer. Only
the 13 devices I had before the Iaudio arrived are displayed.

Kind regards

----- Original Message -----
From: "Stéphane Doyon" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 2:33 PM
Subject: Re: Help with Iaudio installation please

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006, Graham Roby wrote:

> Hi Brandon and list,
> Further to my earlier email, a sighted friend says when we try and turn
> the
> player on, she can see rockbox bootloader version 2 before the screen goes
> blank and the hard drive dies. Don't know if this is any more of an
> indication as to what the problem could be?
> Any help greatfully received

I'm blind too and I also have an x5, and I too had the impression at some
point during installation that the player wasn't appearing as USB storage
anymore. It's a bit tricky because there's little or no feedback.

One thing to note: by default, Rockbox will turn the LCD's backlight off
after just a few seconds to conserve power, and (at least on the x5) this
blanks out the screen completely. Sighted helpers may actually think the
device has gone dead when the screen is blank :-). Pressing a key should
reactivate the LCD. (Perhaps a longer backlight delay by default might be
a good idea.)

Even if Rockbox is properly installed and the voice file put in the right
place, it won't speak when it comes on. It will only speak when you go
into the main menu by pressing RECORD.

If you plug the USB while the device is ON, then it may or may not appear
as USB storage. It's supposed to, but somehow it didn't work in all
contexts for me. Turning the device OFF ensures that USB storage will
work. You turn it off by sliding the top right button and holding it there
for a second or two. It's confusing though because that will also turn it
ON if it was already OFF.

If you're really stuck, there's some sort of forced power off function
that you can trigger by holding the off slide-button for a longer period,
like 10seconds. You hear a little thunk when it turns off through that

Oh and while I'm at it: if you've managed to start some music playing, and
you than hit PLAY, then it's actually on PAUSE and it can't speak while in
that state. To actually STOP playback you need to hold PLAY for about
half a second.

Hope this helps.

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Brandon Hicks" <>
> To: "Rockbox" <>
> Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 11:51 PM
> Subject: Re: Help with Iaudio installation please
>> Hi,
>> I'm assuming you want Rockbox on your player. After you copy the .bin
>> file, you need to additionally download the daily build for X5. If you
>> plug your unit in with just the bootloader installed, the problem you
>> stated will happen, but you will still be able to read and write to the
>> drive with the USB connection. Once the folder .rockbox and the file
>> rockbox.iaudio files are copied, the device should spin up properly.
>> Any further questions you can contact me offlist.
>> HTH
>> Brandon
>> Graham Roby wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I just got the Iaudio x5 l 30gb today.
>> > After charging the player, I installed the bootloader x5_fw_.bin in
>> > to
>> > the firmware folder as directed by the manual.
>> > I then disconnected from the pc and plugged in the charger. After a
>> > short while I then reconnected to the pc.
>> > For some reason now the hard drive won't spin up, it sounds like it
>> > tries to do so twice and remains in action for about five seconds
>> > spinning up, dying, trying to spin up again and finally stopping.
>> > There
>> > is a message that comes up saying audio and then it reverts to
>> > charging.
>> > I'm assuming here that I'm still turning the machine on by sliding the
>> > button on the top right of the player forward and holding it there for
>> > a
>> > couple of seconds or so?
>> > Any help would be greatfully received.
>> > Kind regards
>> > Graham
>> >

Stéphane Doyon
Received on 2006-11-21

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