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Subject: RE: Player choices

RE: Player choices

From: Christopher Woods <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 17:34:01 -0000

When my last (and first) H140 broke, I claimed it on my insurance (student
insurance, so they'll cover accidental damage by the owner! Handy that)...
And then dived onto ebay to find a new H140. I really do love my H140 that
much, I went and bought a new one. For all its little quirks and flaws, it's
still one of the best DAPs I've seen come to market to date. Sure, no colour
screen, but if I want to watch video files I have my smartphone (and I
hardly ever do). For what it does, it's a (somewhat) lean, mean music
playing machine. No touchpad nonsense ;), I can operate it singlehanded with
it inside my coat pocket and whizz around just about everything, including
the settings screens, thanks to the physical four-way D-Pad in the centre of
the device and the hardware buttons down the side. Compared against an ipod,
it's really not that much bigger, it's just the case with its rigid
protective back and thicker leather which makes it look bulkier. But I don't
care, for someone who cares about the little things (like optical in and
out, which is a really handy thing for me when I'm working in the recording
studios at uni) and its dual outputs, ability to record from external mic
and built-in electret mic, it really is a quality device.

When I got my first H140, it was a real ipod beater (it beat it with its
feature set and price point, and then some!) and I'm still way happier with
my H140 than I bet many iPod owners are. One of my mates from Uni's gone
through no less than FOUR ipods, just with general day-to-day usage, and I
know many friends from my old school, my last workplace, even other people
at my uni, who've all gone through multiple ipods... and I've gone through
exactly two - and only because I dropped the first one onto a concrete floor
from six feet up. (But get this - it still worked! Just the hard was
semi-knackered, but even so I still managed to salvage nearly every single
one of my files from the drive before I smacked it repeatedly on my work
surface to permanently kill it just to make sure I'd get the insurance

So, I guess you could call this an official recommendation for an H140. If
you do want to be a little more up to date though, the H10 is a cracking
little player, my sister has one and she's very happy with it, and I've
played about with it and although I was unfamiliar with the OS I could see
that it wouldn't take long at all to completely familiarise myself with
it... My sis zips around the UI like she's hardwired into it, but they do
say the younger you are the quicker you learn things, and she's 15 (I'm
21)... So go figure. ;)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: dennis []
> Sent: 29 November 2006 17:02
> To: Rockbox
> Subject: Re: Player choices
> i use and like the iriver h10 20gig. rockbox works on it and
> its easy to use.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bradley Alexander" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 10:41 AM
> Subject: Player choices
> > Well, its getting to the point where I have been holding my Archos
> Recorder 20 together with bailing wire and chewing gum, and
> its time to
> start looking for a new player.
> >
> > Aside from the ipod (I have philosophical and practical
> reasons for not
> wanting one), what are other good players? I want something
> with a hard
> drive, preferably that supports Rockbox. I saw an old review
> and the iRiver
> H-series seemed pretty decent, but going to the iRiver
> website, all I could
> find were solid-state units in the 2-4 GB range. I want at
> least 20-40 GB of
> storage. Does anyone have any suggestions on good players?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > --b
Received on 2006-11-29

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