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Subject: Re: Customized player as a bithday gift

Re: Customized player as a bithday gift

From: mat holton <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 13:49:52 +0000

I bought a nano for my missis and insisted that we put rockbox on it as
I wasn't prepared to install iTunes on my PC (I was planning on moving
100% to linux at the time - I have done now). Anyway, she wanted a Nano
because of the fashion accessory part of it. She's now broken her
headphones and it has a cheapo pink cover for it and it runs Rockbox.
Because of this, when she shows it to friends they all think it's an
iPod rip-off!! hah!

What I'm trying to say is, if you give an iPod as a gift with rockbox
pre-installed, she _may_ be a tad upset as it might not hold the same
cred/fashion value...

I wouldn't get a iPod anyway if you're in control as they are overprices
and under-featured when compared to other DAPs - the iRiver H300 series
is what I would go for. They really do Rock(box).

Maxim Jankov wrote:
> Hello. I have an issue that on first sight doesn't correspond with
> this mailing-list, but it does.
> I thinked of a bithday gift for my girl for a quite a long time... And
> I came up with the idea of a media player - but just a media player is
> something you buy for money, but not put your heart into. So I wanted
> to supply it with special Rockbox build, and immideatly came up with
> couple of questions, that I hope you'll help me with.
> First of all, I'm not sure what player to buy. I know that it's not a
> player's discussion board, but that's the only place where the advice
> of a Rockbox-compatible player that suits me. I have iRiver H340 and I
> think it's an ideal media-player for me: useful, comfotable and such.
> But iPod G5 seems to be more stylish, more... glamour may be, and I've
> already looked some very useful and cute accessories for it -
> fortunately, I don't want my girl to need to buy something for the
> gift. May be you can provide other good variants and alert me of any
> difficulties with players I don't know.
> And, fortunately, I have to be able to open the box, plug the player
> to my computer and then put the thing back to it's beautiful box.
> But most of problems are about rockbox itself. Of course, I won't use
> default build, it has to be EXTREMLY stable, fast, without any unused
> options and plugins. Better with debug section removed from view, as
> some other options (I don't want my girl occassionly switch language
> to japanese). Is any of that present in some alternative build? On the
> other hand, I'm looking for a really lovely WPS (or a way to create
> one; I've never created any before, but it seems that I'll have to).
> And, as we came upon the WPS, I wanted to ask if anyone knows SIMPLE
> utility for Windows (as I don't use it) for updating album covers. Or
> I should forget the idea about 'em?... I just don't know if that
> feature stable enough on different players.
> By the way I wan't the player to have an easy way of going back to
> factory software. Never needed myself, too...
> Lastly, the most, I think, simple question - how to make the other,
> full-screen (not only the header) picture load on boot and bootloader
> output to be in other colors (suiting with WPS I'll install)?
> Thank you for your help :) :) :)
Received on 2006-12-05

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