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Subject: Re: X5 USB question

Re: X5 USB question

From: David Bleakley <>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 14:55:30 -0800 (PST)

I have noticed that my Iaudio X5 flattens when connected to USB. David ----- Original Message ---- From: Ray Lambert <> To: Sent: Thursday, 7 December, 2006 9:45:53 PM Subject: Re: X5 USB question Andre Allavena wrote: > On Tue, Nov 21, 2006, Ray Lambert wrote: > > Brandon asked: > > > Does one absolutely have to use the subpack for USB after Rockbox is > > > installed, or can the USB on the side work as well? I realize that the one > > > on the side is the OTG, but I'm wondering if it also handles data > > > transfers from Windows. > > James Dean responded: > > > No. The one on the side is a host port only. (It can only receive data) and > > > that is for something like a camera. So, the only way you can get it to show > > That's actually not true. If you're running the cowon fw, the usb port > > on the side does work to xfer files as well. I haven't tried it on > > Winblows, but it works on Linux and I would presume it works on Winblows > > as well. > > > > It does not work, however, if you're running rockbox. I suppose it > > would be nice to have this but, seeing as you need the darn subpack > > anyway just to charge the thing, it still won't save you from having to > > carry the subpack around with you; so it may not be worth the effort. > > Doesn't the original firmware also allow you to charge through USB? > I remember reading this on the players characteristics. I don't remember > though if it was on Cowon's site, or a thrid party merchant. > > It would be nice to charge through USB, (and even better, charge through > the USB plug on the side, and not ned the subpack). I just tried it on a laptop with a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card (which I *believe* provides fully-powered USB) and there's no indication that it's charging when the USB is connected. When the power is connected, the battery icon and the red light on the top both indicate that it's charging. When USB is connected (either port), there's no on-screen indication of charging (or battery) status and the red light is OFF. So, if it is charing, it's not obvious. I got the same results with rockbox running, except that the USB OTG port doesn't function at all and the red light never comes on (note though that I'm running a daily that's a few months old and red light support might now exist?). I'll confirm this at home tonight with known fully-powered USB 2.0 ports and update if I get different results. ~ray ___________________________________________________________ All New Yahoo! Mail Tired of Vi_at_gr_at_! come-ons? Let our SpamGuard protect you.
Received on 2006-12-07

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