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Subject: Re: So What Am I Looking For?

Re: So What Am I Looking For?

From: (wrong string) Янков Максим <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 19:54:53 +0300

> Message: 1
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 09:25:17 -0500
> From: "Nathan Hevenstone" <>
> Subject: So What Am I Looking For?
> To: Rockbox <>
> Message-ID:
> <>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
> I know a "what's the best player" question has already been asked, but my
> issue is, I know what I need in my player, I just don't know what player to
> get.
> First off, I'm very behind-times on these, so I guess I could start by
> saying it would have to be available in the USA, but my guess is that's a
> given and pretty much all the players are, so ignore that. :D
> Second, I have a lot of music. Only about 5% are officially released. I
> want to get as much as possible to all of it onto my player. But the less I
> get on it as MP3, the better, because with my foray into live recordings,
> and .wav, .flac, .shn, etc, I've discovered that MP3 really doesn't sound
> that good. My hope is to get as much of the music as possible on
> as .flac files.
> My official releases alone run almost over 1,000 songs. Then I've probably
> got more than 15,000 songs unofficially released, including live recordings,
> studio sessions, etc.
> I need a player big enough to fit all of that. Then, of course, videos,
> audiobooks, etc. And I would like good, high-quality recording, too.
> Of course, a version of RockBox should be available for it.
> As far as battery life, as long as a charge can give me, with RockBox, long
> enough to listen on a, say, 4-hour car-ride, I can deal with the decreased
> battery-life.
> Recording should be good, as well.
> And finally, my budget should probably be bigger, but considering current
> financial issues, I can only shell out so much. I've figured I'm gonna end
> up spending over $300, but the lower, the better.
> It's alot, but I need a player for all this. So, barring the fact that I may
> be asking some stupid questions here (heh... sorry), any suggestions?

I advice you iRiver H340, which I use. It has 40 Gb onboard (I heard of
60 Gb version and possibilty of installing a 80 Gb drive), a good
upgradeable (I saw instructions on some forums) battery, Rockbox works
perfect, flac is supported, and it's have been in my arms for two years
without serious problems. As it's not new, it could be difficult to find
(it was everywhere in Moscow for two years ago, but recently my friend
had lost his one and was trying to find a replacement - he failed), but
that's why, I assume, it won't be that expensive.
Also, it needs no drivers and special software like iTines, good
official firmware (if it matters), bright LCD, can charge throw USB (but
not one time with being a disc; that way you'll have to plug adapter),
convenient cradle, microphone (useful to record lections and then using
it at exams ^) ), line-in (I've once digitized a cd that way - sounded
sweet), radio (it can record from it, and quality is high) and a remote
- though I've already crashed two of them.
Sorry for such a huge amount of unneeded info, but I just love that
device :)

P.S.: And various professional reviews claimed that it got one of a best
sound ships on a market. I didn't compare myself, but the sound is
Received on 2007-01-05

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