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Subject: Re: Playback Speed/Pitch

Re: Playback Speed/Pitch

From: Dominik Riebeling <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 00:49:23 +0100

On 1/7/07, Michael DiFebbo <> wrote:
> Grant Hardy wrote:
> > What is this 2% thing? I don't really understand where you'd use it.
> There is no "2% thing." The original poster said that

Exactly *this* is the reason why I asked the OP to not tell wrong
facts like they were true. It causes confusion about *the users*.

When you read the manual you'll find out there are two ways to affect
the pitch: you can change the pitch by using the up / down button.
This will change the pitch in 0.1% steps (with increasing steps as you
hold the button longer). These values are sticky, i.e. they remain
after you let go of the button.
The second way is to use the left / right buttons. Those will change
the pitch by exactly 2% of the current setting, that value will be
never anything else than 2% and it is *not* sticky. I.e. after letting
go the button the pitch value will go back to the value you had before
pressing the left / right button. This is intended for beat matching
and intended to work exactly this way.

A short scenario: you are playing music with say two h100 devices.
Both are hooked up to a mixer, and you fade from player A to the other
B. Now A plays a song. You want to smoothly fade into B. You changed
the pitch so the beats of both songs have the same speed. Now, say B
is 1/2 tick off of the beats of A. This is where beat matching is
needed. You nudge the playback of B by increasing the playback speed
only a little and change back to the original pitch as soon as the
beats match. For this you need some pitch modify function that is not
sticky, and that is the "2% thingy". It's giving the music a small
nudge to match the beats.

Nudging is in no way different to the pitch change Rockbox does. It is
only a non-sticky mode with a fixed value.

I hope this is now cleared completely. Changing the speed without
affecting the music tone (aka timestretching) or changing the music's
tone without affecting the playback speed (aka pitch shifting) has
been requested several times but it is currently not possible.

Btw, the buttons I refered in this mail are the ones for h100 series.
For other players please look them up in the manual.

 - Dominik
Received on 2007-01-07

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