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Subject: Re: Playback Speed/Pitch

Re: Playback Speed/Pitch

From: Rocker <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 07:55:46 -0700

Subject: Re: Playback Speed/Pitch

On 1/7/07, Grant Hardy <> wrote:
> As a matter of fact, I was not at all confused. I am very well aware that
> 2% speed adjustment without altering pitch has not ever been possible.

That is good to hear, but what have you thought in this case about the
"2% thingy"? The OP asked about it in a way that implies it does time
stretching, which is wrong.

> There's no need to yell at the original poster; it was clearly just a
> misunderstanding and it in fact taught me another feature in Rockbox that
> I
> had no idea existed.

Around the same freaking time Dominick wrote:

Where did I yell at the OP? I thold him to stop telling wrong facts. I
did that with some emphasis. I did that only once. Yelling is
different. I don't have any problem with him asking about it, I have a
problem when someone implies facts that are *clearly* wrong. And I
simply asked him (with emphasis, because it causes confusion in this
case) to stop telling wrong facts. The discussion got only heated up
by the mail of Rocker, who seemed to have completely misunderstood my
mail. If I'm trying to make things clear *for the users* I don't
accept my words and their meaning to be twisted around -- Rocker said
I told to not discuss a feature, which I didn't. Without that mail
there would have been no reason to argue about this -- I explained
what it is and what's its use in my first mail. Which could have been
enough to explain (also to you) what the "2% thingy" is for -- beat
matching. If you don't know that term feel free to ask the web. (see for example, seems like
it's written with a hyphen, so my spelling was a bit wrong. Doesn't
change the facts though.)

So, as I previously told what it is for and you asking again -- is
this confusion or not? If it's not confusion then why did you ask for
something I already explained?

And please stop full quoting. Thanks.

Dominick: Your arregents is only superseeded by your failing memory!

My response was not related to the subject at hand. It was in fact directed
to your comments as follows: (Now I'm going to use quotes around your
comment wether you like it or not?)

"Rockbox is an open source project. It's not a product planned in any
way to sell. If you like it feel free to donate some money to the project.
So thinking about what would make it better selling is
completely useless and of no interests to the Rockbox team."

Enjoy your day...rocker
Received on 2007-01-07

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