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Subject: Re: ipod 4g 40Gb won't run, in recovery mode loop - HELP!!!

Re: ipod 4g 40Gb won't run, in recovery mode loop - HELP!!!

From: Jean-Philippe Monteiro <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 10:09:32 +0700

Weird indeed.

If you properly followed the Rockbox install guide, you should have backups
of the original firmware.

-Go to the section in the manual, just before the one describing how to
install Rockbox Bootloader, that give you the instruction on Backup for Apple
firmware: this will give you the name of the file you must look for,

chapter 7 & 8

-Find this file on your computer,

-Use the command-line instruction that tells you how to upload rockbox
firmware, and use it to re-upload the apple firmware instead.

something around
ipodpatcher N -w bootpartition.bin

where -w option instructs to upload to iPod, as opposite to -n that download
to the computer.
where bootpartition.bin is the name of apple firmware booter, as opposite to
bootloader-ipod4g.bin from Rockbox !Check name with file on your HDD!

N stands for assigned Drive Number of your Pod by Windows.
Look in chapter 5

-Find a friend with a 4g iPod, & copy & paste all folder structure from his to
yours with View Hidden File enabled (Or go to your local iPod Shop, if
they're nice, they should allow you to do this).

1) The original firmwares' download address for all versions of iPods are
available on the rockbox forums, look for
where I received assistance regarding backups, repair, original firmware, how
to copy them & so on.
2) Double check instructions in the manual, I run a Linux Box so do not have
direct experience on XP.
3)Load battery & follow instructions in chapter 5,6,7 !

--Basically, what I suggest is use Rockox Install Tool to recover/upload
original stuff to the Pod. I recommend you leave the Rockbox install for
after a successful recovery--

[sorry I can't give no actual samples from this computer: My wife's away with
both the Laptop with the manual and her iPod :) ]

[Peacepunk on the Rockbox Forums, iPod 5g 30gb. Apple firware unused, Pod
rockboxed from the very first day]

SuSE93 Linux Kernell KDE 3.4.0 Kontact 1.1 Kmail 1.8
On Wednesday 7 February 2007 05:36, David B. wrote:
> I hace a 4th generation ipod 40gb that was in perfect condition.  I loaded
> rockbox version 2.5 for the 4th generation ipod and it worked great.  I
> initialized the database and loaded it to ram and the ipod worked fine.
>   Now for the problem.  I wanted to load my music directly to the ipod, as
> if were just any old hard drive.  I went into windows explorer (I have
> windows XP home edition, completely updated) and I deleted all of the
> folders named with 4 letters in the ipod.  I then made a test folder in the
> root directory of the ipod and copied some mp3's to the folder.
>   When I disconnected the ipod, it would not run.  It would display the
> apple logo, then the folder with ! icon and then shut off.
>   I assume that I must have deleted some necessary files from the ipod.
>   I tried restoring from itunes (the latest version).  I tried manual
> reboot.  I tried reformating from windows explorer.
>   At one point after trying the restore from itunes, I plugged the ipod
> into the charger and left it there for a few hours.  When I looked at the
> screen, there was a very large font menu.  Apple tech service thinks that
> this must be a Rockbox menu.  The menu had approx. 6 items. The first was
> "The 5 R's"  which I tried.  Another was "reset" which I tried.  I have not
> bee able to get back to this menu after having done another restore from
> itunes.
>   I know that this is a software issue.  This may include a flashware
> issue.  When looking at the ipod from windows explorer no files appear in
> the drive (I have explorer set to show hidden files).
>   What do I do?????
>   David B.

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Received on 2007-02-07

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