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Subject: Re: hi and ui question from a new user

Re: hi and ui question from a new user

From: wLLm <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 00:16:46 +0100

Gary Bavarski,

Are you using Software EQ or any other software DSP options?,
if so, this can cause some lag to the ui.
Also the decoding process of some codecs are CPU Hungry
like you can run a mp3_at_320kbps (realy eats CPU power)
or you can run a mp3 encoded at 192kbps (also good quality) this would use
less cpu power to decode. Oh olmost forgot, rockbox is still in the early
stages, and needs a lot of optimizing just check the daily's a few times per
week to keep your self up-to-date.

Also there are some patches that can get a little more performance out of
the pp50xx (most ipod's) targets like COP patch etc, but in that case you
will need to create your custom build.
An alternative is use a unsupported build (found on the rockbox forums)
sometimes they have version's that work a little faster but we can't
guarantee the stability of those unsopprted custom builds.

Have fun with rockbox :)

William (w1ll14m)

2007/2/20, Gary Bavarski <>:
> Hi there everyone,
> I just installed rockbox on my 4g Color iPod last night, my first
> impressions are that it's pretty awesome! I am loving how I can copy things
> back and forth simply using Explorer. The huge amount of cool plugins
> (including doom and 2-player pong!) are great. Not to mention the addition
> of themes to my iPod... very cool stuff.
> However, I do have one issue with the response time and speed of the UI -
> imo an important part of what makes the iPod so great is Apple's keen sense
> of UI. While browsing through my genres/artists/albums (I have a ton on my
> 60gb iPod) with the iPod's native firmware, each screen (and sub-screens,
> what have you) seems to load very quickly, and the select bar is SUPER
> responsive to the movement of my finger--it even scrolls through the rows
> faster and faster the faster I rotate my finger. When I change my fonts
> with rockbox, each font's size seems to affect the speed/response time of
> the scroll wheel. This makes sense, since at smaller font sizes, more rows
> fit on the screen, etc. There is also a slight "tear" that seems to occur
> when the select bar changes to a new row.
> So I am wondering if this general "lagginess" that I'm experiencing is
> specific to using rockbox with my model of iPod, or if it is present across
> all players. I'm seeing while browsing in both the raw File view and
> Database view (as well as within the system menus).
> And as a sub question I was curious if anyone (without flaming me to hell)
> could possibly explain/discuss how Apple gets away with this speed, I mean
> they even have anti-aliased fonts. Having NO experience in hardware device
> programming, I assume it's because their code "talks" directly to the
> hardware or something? Even as a sub-sub question, I was wondering if there
> were any plans in future builds to address this. :)
> Again, overall awesome product... definitely loving it and spreading the
> word to my friends. Has anyone else brought this up? I apologize if so, the
> archives seem to be down at the moment.
> Thanks!
Received on 2007-02-21

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