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Subject: Re: So What Am I Looking For?

Re: So What Am I Looking For?

From: Nathan Hevenstone <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 21:32:19 -0500

I just wanted to update everyone that I have decided and am buying the
iAudio x5 60GB. I haven't decided exactly when, lol (my financial status is
not that great right now), but it will be soon. My wonder now is,
apparently, this player supposedly only holds 9999 songs with the original
firmware. Since I started looking, my music collection has grown... to the
point where even 80gbs is not enough (barely anywhere near enough, in
fact... being a music trader, especially when you love to collect, can get
you tons, and I do mean tons, of music). It's possible that I could end up
purchasing two (at separate times).

What draws me too it is that it supports FLAC, and I can actually buy it
(whereas the iRiver, the one I really wanted, is virtually nonexistent new
or used [and I'd rather new, because I'm too weary of used thanks to past
experience with used players]... I can't even find it on the iRiver site).

As far as MP3, I hear what everyone's saying about different bits and such,
but my thing is, basically, that when you compress with MP3, you lose data,
whereas when you compress with FLAC, you don't lose any data. And as a
music trader, I've come to prefer FLAC. Especially considering, with the
traders I deal with, MP3 or any kind of lossy compression is illegal.
Compression is preferred (especially when trading in bulk), but lossless
compression is the law. And I've been taught to hear the difference, so for
me, at least, it has to be compressed lossless or not at all. It's just a
personal preference, though, which is why I was looking for it in a player.

And I've had too many problems with iPod in general to go that route again.
Macs are great, but Apple should have stayed in computers and not branched
out to players... the iPod, in my experience, at least, sucks.

So, the point of all that is... as I said... I'm going with the iAudio x5 GB
(unless a NEW iRiver H340 pops up out of no where for a decent price and
ready to sell... with everything in English, lol). It took a while to come
to a final decision, especially with certain bad things happening in my life
(and most of y'all know about one of them, the death of my Great Grandma),
but I did come to it. So now, to actually get the money to buy it... that's
what comes next...

On 1/9/07, Tony Lainson <> wrote:
> > So far, all I've found for this player is:
> >
> >
> >
> > Amazon no longer sells it, and, it seems, from what I'm finding, neither
> > does anybody else. From all the reviews, this is the player I want, but
> > it looks like it's gonna be really hard to get. Anyone else think they
> > can find it cheaper?
> Try A search for "iriver h340 -remote -charger -case -pkg
> -guard -cable -protector -battery -mount -cradle" unfortunately only
> found a couple of items (up for *auction*) overseas, but you can
> probably buy the 20GB version or an iAudio X5 (60 GB!) without messing
> around with bids and things, even if you have to get it from an overseas
> seller or ebay store. Shipping to Australia will probably cost around
> $30 (totally uninformed guess), and you may have to set up a paypal
> account and stuff.
> I wish I'd thought of ebay before sending off my money to
> a couple of days ago - ebay has better prices and
> options. Oh well.
> Tony Lainson

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Received on 2007-02-24

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