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Subject: RE: New voices available

RE: New voices available

From: Mat Mirabella <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 19:45:50 +1100 (EST)

Hi Onj and all.

I have tried the latest voice files from the site
given below, and the
rockbox does not seem to be voicing menus at all on my
Iriver H340. I am
using the rockbox build from 04-03-07

I usually also create a voice file automatically when
I download the latest
build, on the basis of the english.lang file found in
the source archive for
that daily build. I also tried making a voice file
from that process and
rockbox will not read menus there either. Is there
something different
about recent english.lang files such that voice files
cannot be made
properly directly from english.lang?

I have of course made sure menu reading is set to on
in the settings and the
english.voice is in the langs dir.
Any ideas.



-----Original Message-----
[] On
Behalf Of Onj
Sent: Friday, 2 March 2007 10:39 PM
To: Rockbox
Subject: New voices available

I'm not sure if anyone has been benefiting from the
voices i have been
putting up, but since the menu structure has
drastically changed, new voices

had to be made available.
I haven't looked on the main rockbox site to see if
new voices are
available, but even if they are, I have been making
voices for a little
while, and for those who don't know, they are
available and listed by date,
for your convenience.
This is an automated process and if English.lang
changes significantly, a
new voice file with current date will be uploaded, so
if you like the voices

there, check back regularly.
The voices are in the 7z format. 7Zip is just another
compression format
but it works well in this particular situation.
I am willing to accommodate those people who cannot
for some reason or other

open 7z archives, but it's a simple download from so it
shouldn't cause the majority of users any issues.
However if it does, I will consider switching to zip
which even windows XP
can open, be it badly.
I have just found the downloads to be smaller using 7z
so that is why I use

If these voices crash while recording or there is any
other problem, please
tell me so I can make speed adjustements.
Since November 19 or is it 22 of last year, voices
above a certain speed
(about 270 wpm sapi4 and over 80 percent sapi5) have
caused most targits to
crash and this bug has as yet, not been addressed.
This of course makes the

voice file in the ram of the targit larger, and most
voices (if any) will
now not work on Archos players for that reason.
Until this bug has been addressed, there's honestly
not a lot I personally
can do about it, so I appologise in advance for what I
consider to be mainly

slow voice files, and especially quite large. Most of
them are over 1.44 mb

in size.

Thank you for reading.

Andre P. Louis

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Received on 2007-03-04

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