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Subject: Re: h340 ogg freezes (Mike Holden)

Re: h340 ogg freezes (Mike Holden)

From: End Corporate Rule! <>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 19:24:34 -0500

I run rockbox on an h340 and have been having problems with certain
songs (perhaps only oggs?) pausing during playback. Like the previous
poster, this seems to happen independent of the file played and problem
files will later play perfectly fine. Unlike the previous poster, my
machine continues to play after a ~1 second pause and does not require a
hard reboot.

I started toggling settings expecting to find that database auto-update
or something was causing a problem with excess disk access or something.
  It turns out that turning off the EQ solved the problem. All I can
report is my limited experience. Perhaps this helps someone.

As an aside, I might as well mention that my machine DOES freeze and
require a hard reboot sometimes. This problem seems to happen only when
ending a recording from the internal mic. Sometimes the machine crashes
when saving the just-recorded file. A hard reboot will be required and
the saved file will be on the disk with a size of 0kb. This seems to
happen about 1/3 of the time I make recordings, and does not seem to be
dependent on file length. So far I have only tried recording in MP3


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> Message: 1
> Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 09:53:39 -0000 (UTC)
> From: "Mike Holden" <>
> Subject: Re: iRiver H320 keeps turning off
> To: "Rockbox" <>
> Message-ID: <>
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> Scott Rumery wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I bought my girlfriend a used iRiver H320 from Ebay, and I have
>> installed Rockbox on it. I have a current daily build on the unit, but I
>> have noticed that whenever the units battery level gets down to about half
>> charbed, the unit then shuts off. To me this seems like it may be a
>> battery
>> issue, but could it also be a failing hard drive? I am also blind. Would
>> it be possible for a blind person to replace a battery or a hard drive in
>> one of these units, and if I can figure out how to actually get inside the
>> unit, where do I find a new battery for the H320, or a new hard drive for
>> it? And if one installs a new hard drive into one of these players how
>> do
>> you go about installing the iRiver firmware on it so that you can start
>> working with the drive?
>> I hope that this all makes sense. I am not a newbie or anything,
>> but I just have never gone on the inside of one of these players. I don't
>> feel any screws on the backside of the unit, so how in the heck do you
>> actually get on the inside if it?
> What kind of playback time does the unit give from a fully-charged
> battery? How long does it take to charge to full? If the answer to both
> these questions is a couple of hours or a few minutes respectively, then
> it does sound like your battery is failing.
> I recently went through this, after a little over a year of use from my
> 340, so it is still fresh in my mind!
> The best guide to the process is over at misticriver, at tis url:
> The prrocess is quite fiddly, with lots of small parts to find and remove.
> Although the description on the siet is excellent, I'm not sure it would
> be easy without sight. Not trying to put anyone down at all, but I found
> it quite tricky, and I wouldn't like to try it again with my eyes closed!
> A couple of the screws to remove are quote well hidden, and removing the
> battery is very fiddly in a confined space.
> I had the added fiddliness of replacing with an ipod battery, which
> additionally requires removal and swapping over the polarity of the 2
> wires into the molex connector - I ended up pulling one of the wires off
> the battery doing this, and had to solder it back on again! If you use a
> batery designed for the river you won't have to go through this however.
> In summary, none of it is actually too difficult, just fiddly and without
> sight would be difficult sometimes to translate the photos and words in
> the article into actually doing the step.
> Have a read through the guide and see what you think about whether you are
> up for the challenge or not!
Received on 2007-03-06

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