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Subject: Re: Iriver H10 20GB

Re: Iriver H10 20GB

From: Christopher Chaltain <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 19:04:36 -0500

Celeste Williams wrote:
> Yes he said he did download the voice files.
> We have both read the instructions and they don't seem to be making the H10
> talk. We must be missing something.
> Celeste,

I found the instructions I pointed you too earlier were pretty good, but
I thought it might help if I gave you the exact steps I followed. Note
that these are the steps I followed at this point in time. They may not
work forever or with any other MP3 player. I'd also suggest worrying
about just getting Rockbox installed and talking for now. The rest can
come later. Furthermore, I'd suggest reading a lot and being patient!
:-) IMHO, it's worth it!

Before we start, clean everything up. Attach your iRiver as a UMS
device, see below for instructions, and delete the .rockbox directory
and replace the original H10_20GC.mi4 file in the system directory.
Restart everything and make sure it comes up in the iRiver software and
plays the samples that came with the player. Unfortunately, you'll need
sighted help for this.

First, go to the Rockbox H10 20GB user manual at, open
it to the install section and refer to it as you look at my steps below.

Next, download everything you'll need, which will include the Rockbox
firmware, the Rockbox boot loader and the voice file.

For the Rockbox firmware, I went to the archive of daily builds at Near the bottom you'll see a graphic
labelled "h10". It'll be between iaudioM5 and h10_5gb. Use the "latest"
link. Remember where you downloaded it to!

For the Rockbox boot loader, I just used the link˙20GC.mi4. This will
download the file H10_20GC.mi4.

To get the voice file, I went to and downloaded the
file I plan on playing with the other voice
files later.

Now you'll need to connect your iRiver up to your PC in UMS mode. Do
this by resetting the iRiver. On the top of the iRiver, between the lock
slider button and the data port slit, is a little hole that you can only
access with a pin or maybe a real skinny paper clip. It took me a while
to get the hang of it, but now I'm a pro. Push your pin in there and
depress the tiny button you'll find. You can actually feel the button
depress. You'll hear the hard drive spin down and the unit power off.
Now, attach the data cable and plug it into your USB port on your PC.
While holding the select key, press and hold down the power key. The
power key is onl the left hand edge and the select key is under the
display to the left of the slider bar. You'll hear the unit power up,
the hard disk spin up and your PC will tell you a USB device has been

Note that I'm assuming you're using Windows XP. Go into My Computer, and
you should see a new drive. Mine is labelled "H10 J:". Yours may be on
the E drive.

To extract the Rockbox firmware, I used Windows Explorer. I went to the
zip file I downloaded from the daily archives of the Rockbox firmware,
named, and in the File pulldown, I chose the "Extract
all" option. In the wizzard that came up, I selected J:, since this was
the drive of my H10. I then let the files be extracted. This took a few
minutes. When it was done, I had a "\.rockbox" directory on the root of
the J drive, my H10.

Next on your H10 in the J drive, go to the system folder and rename the
file H10_20GC.mi4 to OF.mi4. If you don't see the system folder, you'll
have to change the view options in Windows Explorer to show hidden
directories. Once you've renamed the boot loader, copy the Rockbox boot
loader, again named H10_20GC.mi4, that you downloaded above over into
the system directory on your H10, i.e. the J drive.

Finally, copy the voice file over to the .rockbox\lang directory on your
H10. I did this by opening up the file in
Windows Explorer, copying english.voice to the clipboard, navigating
over to the .rockbox\lang directory on my H10 and pasting it into that

Now disconnect your iRiver from the PC and reset the device again using
the pin hole reset as I described above. Again, you'll hear everything
power down. Press the power button on the left hand side, and you'll
come up in Rockbox! Tap the slider bar on the bottom once, it doesn't
take much, and you should hear the menus being spoken to you.

Once the menus are talking, you can play around and start copying music
over to your MP3 player. Let me know if you have any problems or you get
this far and need help with the next few steps!

Received on 2007-03-28

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