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Subject: Re: Why not Daisy when Doom? (

Re: Why not Daisy when Doom? (

From: Dj Paddy <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 20:58:50 +0100

-Rocker wrote-
You wrote;
well really instead of bickering back and forth someone who is able to
should e tasked to look in to it at the very least,

**Feel free to do so dude! You may be new to the list so let me remind you
that as an open source project, rockbox is a volunteer project. As Daniel
said, feel free to get on it!
-Dj Paddy-
Nobody is disputing that Rockbox is a volunteer project and as I'm the one
that started this thread let me say catagorically I am not critasising the
devs. I made a suggestion for a feature. I'm up for constructive debate
but was not prepared for the amount of negativity this threads generated!
In particular from the targeted audience.
Rocker wrote
all this speculation
really isn't getting us anywhere. Doing this would in many sences be a huge
stepp, especially for blind users.

**Huge step for blind users? What are you talking about? Do you really
think the voice UI would be able to handle Daisy txt books?
There are already many features in rockbox including extensive book marking
and resume that allow a blind user to navigate an audio book effectively.
In many cases you can rip the MP3 files from daisy and play them on a
rockbox supported player."

-Dj Paddy-
Firstly I was talking about Daisy audio not Daisy txt's.
Secondly copying the mp3s breaks licences, and makes Daisy features
redundent without the xml and smil files.
Thirdly bookmarking is not Daisy, it's a feature of Daisy and Daisy can be
used for much more than bookmarking.

"Rocker wrote
Finally, there are many existing players designed to play the daisy format:
Victor Reader
book port
Book Currier
Milestone 311
Smart phones
but to name a few.

These units are competitively priced to any rockbox supported player."

-Dj Paddy-
This simply is not true!

You are looking on average $350 US for a CD unit, $500 and up for a
flashbased unit.
Smartphones? Sure somebody could pay what $500 (I'm in the UK so am
guessing at this one), for an N91 or similar then what $250 for either Talks
or Mobile Speak to put on it.

"Rocker said
So, even if rockbox could support Daisy, how would this really benefit blind

For the same reasons mentioned before.

1 Unit for mp3, Daisy playback.
2. A mainstream product that can be gotten at a fraction of the adaptive
device's price.
3. Keeping open source in open source. Daisy and RB.
4. The ability to navigate around a Daisy formatted book on a truly
portible high storage capacity unit, one that can be gotten from any online
store or Ebay and that can have the fantastic RB firmware with Voice UI
loaded onto it.

Why scorn something that gives you more choice? Surely if all these units
support Daisy, then isnt' RB falling behind? I'd have thought this would
have only encouraged an open source developer...

It's truly amazing to me that the majority of negative replys have been from
the main targeted audience. I.E. Visually Impaired people. To say the
price is the same as the adaptive players is a joke frankly.

I get it though there's no interest and I'm flabagasted at the negativity
this feature request has generated.

Nobody, especially myself is dictating that the devs should do this. It's a

To say, do it yourself in the manner it's been thrusted upon this thread is
a bad atitude.

Dj Paddy
Received on 2007-04-24

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