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Subject: jumping in with both feet - Rockbox and the IAudio X5

jumping in with both feet - Rockbox and the IAudio X5

From: Amy <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:12:23 -0500

Hi guys. I'm largely clueless to rockbox, and the idea of firmware in
general. My roommate/good friend Christy sent a couple messages last week
about my situation, but I'm going to do my best to recap all that's happened
since last Monday.

I am completely blind and need the speech that Rockbox can provide through
the voice clips in order to use the IAudio.
This IAudio X5 was a birthday present. It came in, and that night I got to
open it. We were told through a good friend of mine how to install Rockbox.
It was attempted, but the firmware did not seem to take. I don't remember
what actually happened that night.
Below is a list of compiled things explaining what happened afterward till a
couple days ago. If any of you can help at all, please let me know.

Written by christy a week ago:
I've loaded the bootloader, unzipped the firmware as directed by the manual.
Also loaded the voice file in .rockbox/langs, made sure it was the right
name. booted up the unit, pressed record, nothing. Tried the arrows,
nothing. Tried installing a different build. Reloaded the bootloader, again
following manual's instructions in doing so. Nothing works. Tried running
check for errors on it from the properties dialog in windows, that failed.
It keeps renaming files, like rockbox.iaudio becomes Uockbox.iaudio. I
rename them back but it still doesn't work. Might have forgotten soemthing

written last Thursday on another list I am on. No one knew how to help me.

(eddy is a sighted friend who is here and able to help.)
1. Take the x5_fw.bin file and put it in the firmware directory of the
player, and disconnect the USB connection. I would recommend saving it to
your C
drive, then copying it to the clipboard, and pasting it into the firmware
2. Plug inthe charger for about five seconds. Wait for the drive to spin,
then give it a few more seconds before unplugging it. All in all, the
should be plugged in for about 7 seconds.
3. Take the file with the date of the build which is atatched,
and unzip it to E:. Note the colon after the e.
4. Check the rockbox.iaudio file and make sure it is where it should be, and
that it is named correctly. Either in the root of the drive, or the.rockbox
directory. It should be in one of those.
5. Take the voice file, named "english.voice." Go into the .rockbox folder,
click the langs folder, and paste the file in there.
6. Disconnect the player, and wait for a minute.
7. Press the power switch and ask Eddy what it says. If it worked, it should
say rockbox, and after that, it should come up with a standard file browser.
If it says no files in root, try moving rockbox.iaudio from the .rockbox
folder into the root of the drive, and delete the copy in the .rockbox
8. You might want to transfer some music to start off with. After you've
done all this, delete all other unnecessary directories such as moovies,
voice, etc. I would leave the _sys directory in the player for now.

When I checked the rockbox.iaudio file, it was in the rockbox folder. I
moved it to the root of the drive. Both times, it said "no file in root". It
comes up with "IAudio - starting" as it's loading up, but then it keeps
saying there are no files.

We've done everything. Is it time to ask about a replacement unit? Is there
something left that hasn't been tried? At least this time it's not renaming
files or anything stupid. It's just still showing as no file in root or

I'm going to give this a couple days and start considering a replacement
unit. I'm also planning on getting the factory-default firmware back on the
IAudio if I can, to start over. When I hard reset (holding in the reset
button for about 30 seconds), Rockbox is still trying to load, then the unit
promptly shuts off again.


from the other day

I tried putting an older .bin file on the unit. It seemed to take. Then I
disconnected the unit from the laptop, plugged it into the charger for a
little while, unplugged it, carried it in my pocket for a bit. I got Eddy to
look at it.
It is saying "Rockbox version 2", then, "battery 4.5", then "loading
firmware", then it goes dark. At least I think that's it. It's like maybe
the firmware is causing problems with the battery? That absolutely does not
make sense to me. Sigh.


The only things I haven't done yet are:
get the firmware for the IAudio back on the player. I'm not sure if I need
to look online or if it came with the unit in the box. Will need to check
and install it.
Checked how long the reset button needs to be held down. I've done it for 30
seconds, but I'm not sure if that's long enough. Regardless, it's not

I'm sorry this was so long. Thought I should write everything in here. I
hope I didn't leave anything out.

Amy and guide dog Toby
"Pearls are the product of pain... They are the symbol of stress--a healed
wound... a precious, tiny jewel conceived through irritation, born of
adversity, nursed by adjustments. Had there been no wounding, no irritating
interruption, there could have been no pearl. Some oysters are never
wounded... and those who seek for gems toss them aside, fit only for stew.
No wonder our heavenly home has as its entrance pearly gates!..."
--Charles R. Swindoll - Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, P164

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