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Subject: Script to automatically download and install rockbox firmware

Script to automatically download and install rockbox firmware

From: Menachem Shapiro <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 21:07:47 -0700


I have attached a bash script I put together that will automatically
download and install the latest daily build. My goal is to integrate
the script with udev, so that I can have the computer automatically
download and install the latest firmware when I plug my player into
the computer. I haven't figured out the udev aspect of it yet, but I
have pretty much finished the script.

When putting together the script, I tried to make it as robust as
possible, and I put in a lot of error checking. That being said, I'm
sure that there are ways for the script to error out that I didn't
think of.

The script will only download the latest firmware if it is not already
on the computer and will only install the latest firmware if it is not
already installed on the player.

I would love to get feedback on the script, as well as any help
regarding udev integration. I tried different things using
ATTRS{idProduct} and ATTRS{idVendor}
[], but it
is the first time I have ever tried messing around with udev, and I
couldn't get it to work.

The script was written for and tested with my Archos Recorder v1, and
there are two variables that need to be changed if using it with a
different player.

The first is the $MODEL variable, which is actually not needed if the
mp3 player already has a rockbox version later than April 22, 2007 on
it. [April 22, 2007 is when rockbox-info.txt was added to the rockbox
build, and if it is available the script uses that to determine what
kind of player it is.]. The variable needs to use the model name as it
is identified on the daily download page:

The second is the $PATHTOPLAYER variable, which is used to tell the
script where the player's mount point is. I tried to figure out a way
to have the script figure it out automatically, but couldn't come up
with anything. If you just want to test out the script without using
your mp3 player, just comment out this link. the script will then
download and extract the daily build to a subfolder in your current

There are two dependencies that need to be installed, lynx and wget.
The script will check for them and make sure they are installed.

I recommend backing up the .rockbox folder on your mp3 player before
running the script.

Again, any feedback with regards to the script itself or udev
integration would be greatly appreciated.


Received on 2007-05-14

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