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Subject: Re: Help With My Iriver

Re: Help With My Iriver

From: Paul Erkens <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 23:16:55 +0200

Hi Robin,

You wrote:
>I too have an iRiver (H340) which I acquired recently but which seems to have old menus on

>it (i.e. the top menu item spoken is not 'Files').
Indeed, to my current knowledge, the menu structure has been updated since March this year,

meaning that the top item in the main menu can very well be changed since earlier versions.

But these days, it should be files. If you turned on "maintain a list of recent bookmarks"

however, then the top most item in the main menu view will be "bookmarking", and files will

be the item just below that. But this option is off by default, so in newer versions after

March, it should be files, initially.

>Firstly when I downloaded the current build (rather than the daily build) for the iRiver

>H340 and looked at the Rockbox-info.txt file it says that the version is 2.16.1 - I'm

>guessing this is the latest current build available for this relatively old player and I

>haven't looked into whether there are any newer daily builds. as I don't know if you would

>advise using these.
If I have one of my friends look in their rockbox info.txt file, they don't see the 2.16

version. What they do find however, is the date on which the build was generated, which is

in may this year. The number is given in ansi date format, i.e. yymmdd. If you download a

build this new, it will work just fine. From what I understand, a daily build or the current

build is not too big a difference. If it's from this month, it should be fine.

>Note that if you use a voice file not matching your rockbox version, nothing will go wrong,

>but not all menu entries, settings etc. may be voiced.") Is this a problem? Should I be

>trying to identify a newer version for the iRiver H340 from somewhere in the site -a daily

>build perhaps?
I'm not sure. From the page on rockbox where I downloaded the Iriver 140 firmware, I

remember that there are firmware versions for the h300 series as well. But please ask others

here regarding the version of the disk files to use, in the .rockbox folder on your player.

There is firmware and a boot loader for h300 and similars, but I don't know if the voice

system works correctly with that model Iriver. I installed 3 h140 units, not yours, so I

can't really tell.

>what do I do about this requirement for 2.3 or higher re the voice files? Do I ignore it

>and download one of the voice files regardless - and if so which one out of the three

>choices of 'Voice files for rockbox release 2.5', 'Voice files for daily builds/current SVN

>builds' and 'Outdated voice files'? Help!
Choose the second option on the rockbox voice download page, that reads: for current and svn

builds. That's what works, if you also downloaded a daily or a current build for your


>when you download the voice file it is indeed 'English.voice' (just as you state in your

instructions) whereas the English voice file in the langs folder in the .rockbox folder has

a .lng extension. It's all very confusing!!
It doesn't have to be, as long as you know how it works. Look. The .lng files in the langs

directory on your player, contain the text for your player's display. It is text, not audio.

The dot voice files on the contrary however, do contain audio. So, the .lng files that come

with rockbox are responsible for the screen content, as you operate the player. The dot

voice files determine what you hear as you work. In other words, having a .lng file just

gives the display on the unit the ability to communicate with the user in that very

language. The voice file needs to be present as well, to give you the audio in the language

you chose.

>Lastly as I already have a working, if now outdated, version of Rockbox on my iRiver do I

>need to follow the steps about the bootloader or can I simply replace the existing

>.rockbox folder on the iRiver with the new one and bingo.
I don't know how old your build on your player is right now. To be on the safe side, it

won't harm you just to go ahead and update the boot loader in the rom chip on the player as

well, with the latest boot code from rockbox. Just do that, so you can be sure you have the

latest. As a rule of thumb, if you update something to which something else is very closely

related, such as in this case the rock box disk files and the rockbox boot loader, then it

is certainly a good idea to read the site, and check there if you need to update the

co-working component or not.

As an example, consider the following that happened to rockbox. You probably remember that

in older versions, it was necessary to place the file rockbox.iriver in the root of the

player, in order for the boot loader to find and use it. But lately, this has been changed.

Now, the rockbox.iriver file is in your dot rockbox directory, and no longer needs to be in

the root. To accomodate this in the boot loader, it had to be adapted. So, changing the

placement of a file in the disk set, affected the boot loader and both were updated for this

idea to work. In your new disk file set, there may be features of which the boot loader

needs to be aware in order to use them. So, Flash the firmware if you can, and hope it will

work this time.

Received on 2007-05-19

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