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Subject: Re: I need the correct screen reader for my mp4 player

Re: I need the correct screen reader for my mp4 player

From: Robert Menes <>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 15:03:35 -0400

On 5/22/07, nicol <> wrote:
> HI list
> I'm new to the list. I've heard of rockbox via the help needed list run
> by
> bill Johnson. I explained my query to them and they referred me to this
> mailing list. I need the correct screen reader for my mp4 player. The shop
> where I bought the mp4 player can't give me any model and make
> information.
> All I know: its called an mp4 player but hopefully if I give you a clear
> description you would be able to instruct me which screen reader to
> download.
> This mp4 player can play mp3 files, it can play movies, it has a voice
> recorder and radio, It has a program to read text documents and It has
> games. Its about the size of 2 match boxes. It doesn't have any actual
> buttons. At its top side it has a switch where I turn it on or off. I
> have
> to use my fingernail to turn it on or off. The player is operated by
> using
> a pad. The pad is oval shaped and has a little round circle in the middle
> of
> the oval pad. To go to the previous or next song or to go up or down in a
> menu I press the left and right side of the pad. If I want to activate
> the
> volume control I press the down side of the pad. Pressing the top side of
> the pad will activate the menu and pressing the little circle in the
> middle
> will play or pause the music if I selected the music item in the menu.
> It has 2 sockets. One for earphones and one to connect it to a pc's USB
> port or to a charger.
> That's how accurate I can describe it to you. I heard that all rockbox
> software is freeware.
> If so, please can any one direct me as to which software I should download
> for this specific mp4 player.
> At this stage I can easily listen to music. I copy mp3 files from my
> computer onto my player and then I select music which is the first menu
> item
> and I press play.
> If I want to stop it I press the little circle. I noticed that it will
> pause
> the song for a few seconds. In other words it keeps the player area open
> for a few seconds, so if I just want to pause for a short while if someone
> quickly wants to talk to me, if I'm ready again, I can just press the
> middle circle and it will immediately play again. But after pausing for a
> few seconds it will stop it and then I have to press the top side again
> and
> select music and play it again but it always continues playing where it
> left
> off even if it went out of the playing area completely. Why Ineed a
> screen
> reader is because sometimes when I want to adjust the volume it happens
> that the player skips to the next or previous song instead of making it
> louder or softer. I press the bottom side twice and then I press left or
> right. Because I noticed pressing bottom once does nothing either. So
> sometimes I can adjust the volume and sometimes it skips to another track.
> I copy various folders from my pc onto the player, so if I have a screen
> reader for it, maybe I can then change its settings so that I can be able
> to select a folder who's music I want to listen to, because at present it
> displays all music in one list, regardless if they are put in folders on
> the
> computer. So if I can have a screen reader for it, I can then press the
> bottom side until I hear the speech says volume and then I can change the
> volume.
> sincereley
> Hi Nicol,

Can you take a picture of the device and post it to the mailing list? It
sounds to me like you got on of those little cheap Chinese iPod nano
clones, and if that's the case, then you're out of luck; those are not
supported by Rockbox.

There's a listing of supported devices in the Rockbox wiki at:

Hope that helps a bit.

(Rockbox user since 12/28/06; running on a 5.5G iPod video, 30GB)
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Received on 2007-05-22

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