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Subject: Re: Request for help - documenting Rockbox's audio codec support

Re: Request for help - documenting Rockbox's audio codec support

From: Robert Menes <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 12:29:17 -0400

On 6/7/07, Dave Chapman <> wrote:
> Rockbox now supports almost 20 different audio formats (on the swcodec
> targets) and I thought it would be useful to start documenting them in
> more detail than the information available on the current SoundCodecs
> wiki page.
> My intention is to create a separate wiki page for each format supported
> in Rockbox, and populate them with the following information:
> 1) A brief description of the format, with links for further
> information, encoders, etc.
> 2) Details of the current status of playing that format in Rockbox -
> any limitations, which tagging formats are supported, etc.
> 3) A table showing the decoding speed (the % realtime figure given by
> test_codec) for a range of different encoding settings on the three
> different architectures Rockbox runs on - Coldfire, PortalPlayer and the
> Gigabeat's 300MHz ARM.
> Related to 3) is the need to find a freely-distributed test track which
> can be used to compare the decoding speed of the different codecs. If
> anyone has suggestions for such a track, or views on any methodology we
> should use to choose it, please say so.
> I've added a first attempt at a page for the newly supported Monkey's
> Audio here:
> If anyone feels like working on pages for other formats, please feel
> free to do so.
> These pages are (automagically) linked to from the SoundCodecs page -
> please make sure you add the "CategorySoundCodecs: Codec Name" line to
> the bottom of any new page you add.
> I think this page could also benefit from being restructured - e.g.
> moving the main table into a "SoundCodecDevelopment" or similar page,
> and leaving SoundCodecs to just document the currently supported formats.
> Regards,
> Dave.

Hi Dave,

Sounds like a plan to me. I'll help pitch in for a few of the codecs.

I'll start with SPC and NSF, but I also want to know if other Rockboxers
can give me their experience with these two codecs. I've noticed
that they both run great on Coldfire targets (iriver H1x0/H3x0/X5 & M5),
but on my iPod video (and I'll bet on other PortalPlayer targets), they
tend to stutter quite a lot.

So, can anyone else help me verify the performance of SPCs on their

(Rockbox user since 12/28/06; running on a 5.5G iPod video, 30GB)

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Received on 2007-06-07

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