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Subject: Re: IRiver firmware

Re: IRiver firmware

From: Robert Menes <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 13:37:07 -0400

On 7/11/07, David <> wrote:
> Just had a look on the webpage, to see how to install RB on my IRiver
> h320.
> And ran into a few questions, I hoped for someone who could give me a kick
> the right direction:
> 1. It said on the web, that if I had a h300 US I would need to flash the
> unit twice. How do I know? Ok, I got the unit shipped from USA, but is
> that
> all I need to care about? Do I have to 'upgrade' to an international
> version
> of the firmware, or is there any other parameters to take into
> consideration?
> 2. I notice that there is quite a few firmware versions on the site. Some
> ends with a K, others with an U, etc. Guess the U stands for UK; am I
> right? And if so, should I download the 128U, 129U or the 130U version?
> 3. I tried to download the 130u file, and ran the patching software that
> the
> RB website told me to do, on the h300.hex file. The software gave me two
> messages, immediatelyt upon each other, the first saying 'unrecognized
> firmware', the second, saying 'firmware patched successfully'. This seems
> a
> bit strange, to me. Any explaination?
> 4. And one hardware question: I notice, there is a lot talking about the
> REC-key, on the River. From the site of Brian, I found all the other keys,
> but could anyone just tell me, where the REC-key is on the H320?
> Thanks so much for all your assistance!
> David
Hi David,

I'll help answer your questions for you to the best of my extent, and based
on experience
with the iriver H320:

1) Yes, you do have to flash it twice. The U.S. firmware is not supported by
the Rockbox
bootloader. So what you have to do is first download a supported
international firmware
(I recommend 1.29J myself, since I used that; here's the link:)

Once you flash the firmware to your device, take it and run it through the
firmware patcher,
which will re-flash the device with a firmware containing the Rockbox
It's available here:

2) The U versions you found are U.S. firmware for the iriver H1X0 models,
which are
completely different beasts. The H3X0 firmwares are towards the bottom of
the list.

3) See above. You ran an H1X0 firmware through the device. Be careful to
select the
right firmware for the device you're flashing, otherwise you'll end up
bricking your iriver.

4) The REC key is the upper right button on the device's front.

Hope this helps.

(Rockbox user since 12/28/06; running on a 5.5G iPod video, 30GB)
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Received on 2007-07-11

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