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Subject: Re: Help

Re: Help

From: Dave Hooper <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 22:08:57 +0100

> I have copied an audiobook to my computer and then from there to my IR120.
> While
> up to now I never had any problems to heare what I have copied, this time
> I get
> to hear split by split (halve a sentence or so) and in between there is
> silence.
> And this while I can here the files on the computer with no problems and I
> can
> here also the files on the irver via the computer with no problems. Is
> that
> caused because the files where changed into mp4?

It sounds like your iriver h120 is unable to keep up with decoding at
What encoder settings did you use when you converted the audiobook into .mp4
? (I am assuming you transcoded/encoded yourself since you say they were
'changed' into mp4).

Perhaps, try an alternative codec, since mp4 isn't as highly optimised as
other codecs. Although I understand aac format audio should be able to
decode at realtime, some less-common variants may have difficulty, including
he-aac which has only recently been added to rockbox.

If possible, try re-encoding to .mp3/.ogg to see if the problem goes away

> Furthermore:
> 1. I'm not shure which directory is the right one to move the voice files:
> RECORD or recordings.

Neither. You can place them wherever you like. The 'recordings' folder
would be used for music recorded *by your iriver* i.e. when you start
recording using the microphone/line in

> 2. More then once I tried without success to record a FM broadcast to the
> Iriver. While I have been listening without problems to the broadcast, at
> the
> end, when I tried to save it, it was gone.
> I would be happy if someone would give me a stepp by stepp instruction
> how to
> proceed.

Instructions for this should be in the manual but are unclear.
This suggests instructions for recording from radio are in section 5.9
There are no instructions here..

My guess would be to go to the Radio screen, then press A-B to leave the
radio screen with the radio still playing, then enter the Recording menu and
press Play (to start recording).

Could an H120/140 user please confirm?

> 3. And finally: When looking via the Explorer into my Iriver what could
> cause my
> problems, it might be that I have mooved some files to wrong places -I
> became to
> see to lines with
> \root
> \root
> and got some error message telling me that some files are not to be found.
> I made then a reinstall with todays built and this double root was gone
> and I
> got no error message any more. May be it would be even better, to delete
> some of
> the directories and make then a new install?. Which and which not?
> As you will have realised by now, I'm not only not a very experienced
> computer
> addict, but also my English is anything but perfect. Please excuse.
> cordially,
> Götz Perll

I don't know why you would ever see a directory named "\root", unless you
have created one yourself. It doesn't sound like a feature or Explorer, and
I don't believe it's a standard directory for irivers either, but could be
If Explorer says that there are some errors in your filesystem, try running
a check disk from Windows Explorer (right-click the drive in My Computer,
and go to Properties and then Tools).

Alternatively, if you want to completely reinstall rockbox, simply delete
the entire ".rockbox" directory, and then unzip the new one.
Received on 2007-10-08

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