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Subject: Re: Should the Sansa series be avoided?

Re: Should the Sansa series be avoided?

From: Robert Riddle <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 00:02:37 -0700

Yeah I can't get rb to read my sd card so it's just sittin in the player
uselessly. But good little player otherwise for me.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Arno Wald" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 11:54 PM
Subject: Re: Should the Sansa series be avoided?

> Rocker wrote:
>> Music transfer is a little slow. I don't know if it's an Rb issue or, if
>> we are talking USB 1.1 here.
> File transfer does not work with rockbox yet, does it? So it will not be a
> RB issue, because you have to switch to the original firmware while
> booting. (But this also is no big problem.) It would be great if this
> feature would be show up some day in RB. Is there work being done on it
> currently?
> The freezing of the unit does occur here from time to time, too. But as it
> happens very rarely and you can reset the unit by holding down the power
> button for some seconds, this also is not a big problem.
> So the pros (+) and contras(-) are:
> -- background noise (ok, on some type of phones. In my case KOSS ThePlug
> in ear phones.)
> - sometimes the unit does freeze
> - RB does not yet support file transfer.
> - you need a special cable to connect it to the PC so do not loose the
> one that comes with the player.
> o battery handling might be suboptimal, but it is ok.
> o the buttons of the sansa are a bit to small. The wheel does hang
> sometime, but this might be a problem of my unit only.
> + small and handy unit
> + no hard disc, so I hope it is robust.
> + cheap compared to other players (currently only 108 EUR for 8 GB and
> radio at!)
> + expandable with micro-SD cards (up to 2GB) and with Rockbox also with
> micro-SDHC (high capacity) cards up to 32 GB. Currently available there 4
> and 8 GB if I am right. But for SDHC you need a separate
> card-reader/writer because RB cannot fill the card yet and the original
> firmware does not handle SDHC.
> + The display is quite good and big enough IMO.
> So as conclusion I really do not know if I can recommend the player. It is
> not bad but I am not sure if I would buy it again. The problem is that RB
> is so cool that I wanted a player that runs RB. Only a Trekstor Vibez can
> play ogg/vorbis gaplessly. Other players only do when running RB. This is
> a very important feature for me.
> If you do not buy a Sansa e200 which else? iAudio X5 might have the best
> sound, but it is very expensive and much bigger than the Sansa. An iPod?
> Isn't it looking very uncool as every clueless one has one? ;) Well, maybe
> an iPod with RB would be an option. But Apple becomes to get as evil as
> Microsoft is so I do not want to support them.
> It really is difficult. The optimal player is not yet born. It would have
> no memory but only SD-slots. If it breaks you can reuse the SD-cards with
> the next player. Sound quality had to be great, even if connecting the
> player to the stereo....
> Bye,
> Arno
Received on 2007-10-22

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