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Subject: Re: Sansa e200/e200R keymap change.

Re: Sansa e200/e200R keymap change.

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 11:59:53 -0600

> In the old layout the REC button did exactly what it said, go the
> recording screen. Now it take an extra 2 finger movements.

What on Earth are you talking about? The Recording button was not
changed in the keymap change. You can see this clearly in the diff.
Please, if you're going to complain, please be using an official build
containing no patches. I don't know what you're using, but the record
button was not modified by my keymap change patch.

As for the total number of finger movements, as I moved the context menu
to the select button, it now takes less average distance moved since
it's always immediately contiguous to where your finger is on the wheel.
The only function that has moved further from where your finger
generally is is the "Stop" function, while both "Context Menu" and "Main
Menu" are mathematically on average nearer to your finger requiring less
repetitive movement. This isn't really something you can disagree with
objective, these are very easy things to measure.

Seriously, please stop complaining about the fact that this makes it
like other targets' keymaps. One of the reason other targets HAVE the
button map they do is that it is a good and useful one. The layout of
the buttons on the Sansa WAS taken into account despite what you seem to
think. It wasn't WHERE a button was positioned that was taken from other
keymaps. It was what a button does between screens. If a button is the
"X" button on the WPS screen, then it does what the X button does on the
WPS, and in the Menu, etc, like it does on other targets. As this is
purely a software related issue and NOT an issue of where the button is
placed, I don't see how you can complain about Rockbox using the Play
button the same way Rockbox does on other players, if all those players
have a Play button? Does that not make sense to you?

If you sit down at a computer, no matter what the mouse looks like, and
there are some crazy designs, you know that if it has two buttons one
will be "Left Click" and one will be "Right Click". Where they are on
the mouse may change depending on design, but you eventually figure them
out, and then you know "Left Click" will do certain things depending on
what program you run BECAUSE it is "Left Click". The places where
keymaps were made to align with other targets were an expansion of THAT
idea. The keymap is still based on the sansa physical map, but once a
job is chosen for a key, the other jobs it gets between screens are
based on the key's initial job so as to promote consistency within
Rockbox, rather than having a shifting keymap. I think it's a very
simple concept. The only reason not to implement it is "People are
already used to the other keymap" and I suspect that after a little
longer than a mere week many of you will be quite used to this one as

But judging from the fact that over half the people who've commented
negatively on the remapping both here and the forum have gotten what has
changed wrong, I'm really having a very hard time respecting your
opinions at all, as it seems like the more important part to you is
complaining about it, rather than actually having any clue what I
Received on 2007-11-08

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