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Subject: Re: Some newbie questions concerning the Ipod video

Re: Some newbie questions concerning the Ipod video

From: Daniel Dalton <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 10:24:16 +1100 (EST)

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008, Woody Anna Dresner wrote:

> At 05:10 PM 2/12/2008, Celeste wrote:
>> 1. In the Rockbox manual, it says that the WPS (while Playing Screen) has
>> certain components to it, such as album name, song name, artist name, track
>> time and time elapsed. Is there a way to get Rockbox to speak these
>> components as well? If so, can someone let me know how I can do that?
> There is currently no way to do this in the builds available from Rockbox.
> Daniel Dalton is working with someone on this, so it should be available
> eventually, but unless you want to get into putting together custom builds of
> Rockbox, you'll need to wait.

Sdoyon is working on that.
I haven't hacked any code for months.
(my build is from December last year)

I do hope to come back at some stage though.

You should probably email sdoyon for his latest version of that patch.
It probably won't get in because it adds lots of strings to english.lang
which aren't that useful.

Sdoyon and I were descussing a "blind users wps menu" which would contain
info we want to here like:
length elapsed stuff from his playing time patch and I also thought about
info on the next song.

As well as current playing song name...

Dunno what he thinks about the next song idea though.

>> 2. I downloaded the voicebox program from the voice howto section of the
>> wiki, in order for Rockbox to speak out the filenames and directory names.
>> It does work wonderfully, my problem with it though is, it recorded the
>> clips in Microsoft Sam. I have a variety of text to speech voices, such as
>> ScanSoft voices, Neospeech voices and the like, and I would like to use one
>> of them. There was a little blurb in the readme about setting the script
>> up
>> so you could use other voices but I really didn't understand what it said,
>> or how to do it, so if someone could help I'd appreciate it greatly.
> There are great directions for using VoiceBox at

Actually I have this pretty cool and simple script sdoyon wrote that works
nicely under linux...

>> 3. Earlier in the day today, someone mentioned they had an Ipod video and
>> I
>> think he said he had it to where his would beep when he made a keystroke or
>> something. Can you let me know how I can set mine to beep as well?
> Go to Settings on the Main Menu, choose General, then Playback. One of the
> choices is Beep Volume.

Ah that's the one.
Sdoyon also wrote a listbeep patch which is very good since it will beep
at the top/bottom of a list.
Very useful for blind users.

Daniel Dalton
Received on 2008-02-14

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