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Subject: Re: H10 20GB

Re: H10 20GB

From: Sharon <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:29:14 -0700

I have the iRiver H20, which I assume is kin to the H10 you're
considering. The battery life is indeed a serious issue IMO. I can
listen at work and want the battery to work at lest my 8-hour shift,
and it does not; it went from 6-7 hours on a full charge. I was
disappointed. When my old Jukebox 20GB started not holding a charge,
I purchased an external battery supply for it, so I did the same for
the iRiver.

May I recommend the Toshiba Gigabeat? I bought a 40GB one at eBay for
$60 and it is an AWESOME unit; with Rockbox it's over the top great!
VERY easy to use, very nice screen, buttons light up blue when you
press one, which helps in my work environment. The battery at the end
of my 8-hour shift looks about half-way depleted on the little
graphic, so I am assuming it would live up to its 15 hours of battery
life, although I've never used it that long. I love it so much I
bought another one for backup!

My $.02 worth....YMMV....

>Hi all,
>In a series of body blows, I managed to obliterate my H320. The player
>served me well for roughly 3 years.
>The H10 looks like a decent replacement and I can buy an unused unit for
>not too much. After checking the specs, I did however notice that the
>battery is only rated at 5 hours. Is this still true for the current
>builds? 5 hours sounds a little skimpy. Inter continental flights are
>often in excess of 10 hours. 5 hour batterylife is just not enough.
>And now the scoop of the H320 death.
>1st body blow: My charger was at work. At home I have a universtal
>charger that almost fits. The charger worked in the past. The player was
>placed on charge, but after a while, I tried to remove the charger. The
>middle pin of the charge point broke off.
>2nd body blow: In an attempt to charge the player for the next day in the car,
>charger was reinserted. The contact was wonky and the player kept
>changing from charge to disconnected. At work, I remounted the center
>plug, but something was not quite right. It was possible to listen to
>music while charging, but when the disk was accessed, the player skipped
>and the screen went al bugeyed. The runtime was also down to 3 hours
>from an easy 12 hours.
>At home I opened up the player and did some measurements. The power
>consumption figures mentioned on did not match my
>measurements. I decided to pack it all up and use our Fluke thermal
>imager at work to check out the overheating IC. Consumption was up to
>700mA while accessing disk, 190mA whilst idling and 270mA whilst decoding.
>3rd body blow:Unfortunately, when I turned around, the player fell
>off my desk and the ribbon cable to the buttons tore right through. The
>cable is almost impossible to repair.
>I hope the power consumption of the H10 is better than mentioned on the
Received on 2008-02-18

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