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Subject: Re: problem with generating rockbox voice

Re: problem with generating rockbox voice

From: Daniel Dalton <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 22:29:02 +1000 (EST)

On Fri, 23 May 2008, Dominik Riebeling wrote:

> On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 3:01 PM, Daniel Dalton <> wrote:
>> Dunno about win, but qt isn't accessible with orca.
>> What is wrong with the command line?
>> I personally just use espeak, don't you like that one?
> Qt itself is mostly accessible on windows. A general problem with
> accessibility is that there isn't a single standard interface
> (especially on non-windows), and what's been around has noticable
> differences between the various screen readers. From the Qt
> documentation:
> | Qt supports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), Mac OS X
> Accessibility, and the

Ok, although I don't use/have windows, so won't make any comment.

> | Unix/X11 AT-SPI standard. Other backends can be supported using
> QAccessibilityBridge.

Qt isn't supported by orca from what i understand, at-spi doesn't support
qt from what I hear?
gtk is accessible though.

> Problem for linux is that the AT-SPI standard isn't quite much
> supported yet. I don't know about the status of screen readers on

What? Works well with gtk, but as I said not with qt.
Perhaps I am wrong?

> linux, but the binaries of rbutil provided include Qt's support plugin
> for accessibility. Unfortunately it's rather hard to find up-to-date

So rbutil talks with orca?

> information about accessibility on linux if you're not familiar with
> the topic.

Actually, its getting bigger, the gui screenreader orca: check out

> On windows accessibility could be better (well, it's much better than
> the situation on linux due to MSAA being more standard). We know about

No, accessibility on linux is very good with gtk, and the command line! I
use the cmd line all the time for most tasks.
So if you had decided to use gtk, they would be accessible, but I guess it
wouldn't be as cross-platform?

> an issue with tab widgets (a bug in Qt, which is fixed in Qt 4.4 --
> current binaries are still built using Qt 4.3) and the item list we
> use for showing the progress. I did some tests a while ago and the
> results varied quite a lot depending on the screen reader.

Ok, dunno, but what screenreaders?

> Why don't you just try yourself if there are "major" problems
> accessing rbutil using a screenreader? Unless you try you won't know
> for sure, and unless we get feedback we can't improve it ...

Will try to find time too.

Daniel Dalton
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Received on 2008-05-24

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