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Subject: RE: I can't stop my H340 anymore

RE: I can't stop my H340 anymore

From: Jammit Timmaj <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:27:02 +0000

Subject: Re: I can't stop my H340 anymore
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 16:13:19 +0200

>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: I can't stop my H340
>> Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 11:52:30 +0200

>> Hello and sorry for my poor english
>> I
replaced the battery of my H340 and repaired the AC connector which
was broken.
>> Since, I can't switch off my H340 anymore.
The stop button still works when I want to stop it playing (short
pressure) but it doesn't work anymore when I want to switch off my
player (long pressure)
>> Note that I have the same problem with
rockbox or with the standard
>> fireware and that from time to time,
but pretty rarely, it works
>> normally !
>> I'm eyes disabled
and uses rockbox talking. When I try to switch off
>> my player under
rockbox by a long pressure on the stop button, I can
>> hear it
repeating and repeating the name of the menu where it is
>> which
proves that it notices my pressure on the button but
>> recognizes it
as a repetition of short pressures.
>> I selected the option in rockbox
to switch off the player if it is
>> unuse for a while but it doesn't
seem to work either.
>> So, I have to switch my player by using the
reset button.
>> My questions :
>> Would you have
a solution ? An idea ? If it is due to the button
>> which is broken,
is it possible to modify rockbox in order to use
>> another button to
switch off my player ???
>> Is it dangerous for my player if I use too
much the reset button ?
>> Thanks a lot

>> Boby

> It sounds to me
that the switch is "mostly" bad. When you press on a
> normal switch it
actually goes through multiple open and closed
> cycles very quickly
before setting on closed. This is called switch
> bounce and is normal.
All electronic devices are designed to realize
> that switches do this and
eliminate any problems of assuming you're
> pressing the switch many times
really quickly by reading when the
> switch closes (pressed) for the first
bounce and ignores any other
> signals for a few microseconds while
waiting for the switch to stop
> bouncing. If you have a partially bad
switch, when you press down on
> it it'll keep bouncing for a much longer
time and will confuse the
> electronic brain into thinking you're pressing
it many times very
> quickly. You probably have to replace the switch. A
temporary fix (it
> will still get worse) is to put a few pico farads of
capacitance in
> parallel with the switch. If it acts better after adding
> capacitor it means the switch is going bad and needs
> Your English is

Hi !
Thanks for your
I have still questions. Sorry
but I'm not a specialist in electronic, not at all ! I don't even know what is a
switch, what it looks like. Where is this "switch" that works bad ? Just under
the button stop of my H340 ? You wrote that I should replace it... Where can I
buy such a switch ? And is it easy to replace ?
If instead of replacing it
(which sounds to me really difficult, isn't it ?),I continue to switch off my
player by using the reset button, is there a risk for my H340 ? (I doublt this
reset button is made to be used twice or three times a day
I noticed a new point thanks
to my magnifier : if I start my player with the normal fireware, when I try to
switch it off, it shows me a picture of battery with written under it "loading"
for a short time then it writes "Please remove battery pack". Would that mean
that it's not the switch which is bad but rather that my player doesn't stop
because it "thinks" it's still under an external power ?
Last question : I set up in
rockbox the idle poweroff on 1 minute. In spite of this, it doesn't stop. It's
said in the manual that it doesn't stop when the charger or usb is connected. So
could it also be that the player "thinks" that there is a "battery pack"
connected ???
Thanks a lot for your
I'm afraid you'll need to find someone who knows about electronics and knows how to solder. A switch is the electronic device under the plastic button you press when you want the device to do something. Your bad switch is the one that's under the stop button. I don't know where you could find a switch because there are so many types. I'd have to take apart the player and look at the switch, and then go through a catalog of switches and see which ones look like they'll fit, or else find a broken device with a good switch and do a transplant. I remember one time many years ago I had a VCR where the play button didn't work. I couldn't find a replacement switch, so I took a switch out of the VCR from a button I didn't use (I think it was the time set button because I never bothered to set the time) and used it in place of the broken play switch.

I don't think pressing the reset switch will do any damage unless you're adding music to it and decide to press reset in the middle of copying music. If you're just playing music, the reset button shouldn't mess anything up. I think the "Please remove battery pack" may be showing up because you're still hooked up to the computer. If you aren't hooked up to the computer then something else may be wrong, possibly with the software on the player. If that's the case you may want to do a full restore on the player. A full restore will remove everything on the player and return it to a state just like when it was first bought and you'll need to reinstall Rockbox and your music. I'm afraid I've never had a H340, so I'm sure I'm not sure exactly about how one works.

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