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Subject: Re: Subscribed - Hello (and "testing 1, 2 3.." :)

Re: Subscribed - Hello (and "testing 1, 2 3.." :)

From: Purple Dynasty <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 03:21:26 -0400

On Oct 8, 2008, at 2:57 AM, Paul Louden wrote:

> Purple Dynasty wrote:
>> What do you mean by "the tracker", and is the patch available for
>> those that want to add it to the current build on their own? I'd
>> like to see how it works with the theme I'm currently using most:
>> Free-State.
> The tracker is the "patch and bug tracker." There are links to it
> on the left side of every page on the site (except the tracker
> itself, which doesn't display the usual Rockbox site menu). I don't
> know if the current version of the patch actually demonstrates the
> art resizing in a real-use situation yet, as I haven't tried it
> myself.
>> For the past couple of days I've been downloading almost every
>> "current build" several times daily. Is there a detailed
>> explanation anywhere of what differences there are since the last
>> build? If I see a 0 (zero) on the delta listing here http://
>> does that mean that there has been zero
>> changes since the last (I assume automated) build?
> The "delta" on that page actually represents binary size change.
> The changelog on the front page shows the changes from one revision
> of Rockbox to the next, and the "Current Build" is rebuilt with
> every revision change that would actually affect Rockbox binaries
> (so not revision changes that only touch the manual, for example).
> So if your previous copy was r18715 and your current one is r18740
> in the version number display, all changes in the changelog after
> 18715 and up to and including 18740 are in your build. Not all of
> these will affect you (for example, if they only apply to the
> Gigabeat F and you have an iPod, they aren't actually in your
> build, as they were stripped during the compile process) but it's
> the only listing available. It would be nearly impossible to
> maintain a list for every player in a "non-technical" format that
> was reasonable up to date and accurate.

I've seen both the changelog and the majorchanges listings, but
neither really provides enough information to figure whether you
should bother installing a new current build. Perhaps instead of
deltas, it would be more useful to list checksums or something
similar to indicate atleast whether any data has changed besides the
title of the file. Am I correct in my assumption that the zero delta
can provide a false negative since new code MIGHT be of the same size
as the data it replaced (and likely WILL since it needs to fill
certain hardware registers of defined size)?

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