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Subject: Re: Software "Off" switch?

Re: Software "Off" switch?

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 17:34:49 -0600

Jacob Rau wrote:
> Why is this a problem? For a few reasons: for both targets, buttons
> are close together, so they are easy to mash. On the iPod, the wheel
> can click left/right unless the user is VERY careful to press firmly
> and stably.
I have an iPod Nano, and I've never encountered this trouble. I have no
issues at all gently pressing the button and having it power down when I
want to. Is your scroll wheel reliable in other circumstances?
> On the Sansa, the power button is _very_ stiff and close to other
> buttons.
Are you sure you mean the e200 and not the c200? On the c200 the button
is close to other buttons. On the e200 it's separated from the other
buttons, and on the lower left corner of the face. Not only is it very
easy to locate by feel, but I find myself completely unable to press
other buttons while pressing it on my e200.
> The original firmware of both players handles it much more naturally,
> not caring about other button presses and requiring a much shorter
> button press to achieve shutdown. In RB, it generally takes 2-3 tries
> (on both targets) to get it to shut down. IMO, that's a clear
> indicator that something is wrong.
The iPod firmware never shuts down. It enters a low power state. If
you're happy with that, hold the button shorter on Rockbox, and just
wait for the music to stop playing, then let Rockbox idle poweroff. This
is what the iPod OF essentially does, and doing it on Rockbox would take
a similar amount of time holding a button. The Sansa firmware takes
maybe half a second less than Rockbox. I haven't timed it exactly, but
the Sandisk firmware seems like the two seconds that Rockbox takes but
I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it's slightly shorter.

But all this seems irrelevant to the issue of "Should there be a menu
option" since your complaint really seems to be "Rockbox ignores the
power down if other buttons are pressed" and that, again, is a
completely separate bug. And, one that has never been reported as far as
I'm aware. We do have a bug report tracker that you can make use of...
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