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Subject: Re: Software "Off" switch?

Re: Software "Off" switch?

From: Andrew Bennett <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 16:25:49 -0800

Jacob Rau wrote:
> The problem I have with powering off is that I can only power down if I
> press _ONLY_ the power button, causing no other button presses/control
> events (spinning the wheel, pressing previous/next/select...). This applies
> to both targets I've used in my history: the iPod nano and the Sansa e200
> series.

Ahh, thanks! I had no idea that this was what I was doing. I always thought
that I was either not pressing hard enough or long enough for the power down
action to occur.

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Paul Louden <> wrote:

On the Sansa, the power button is _very_ stiff and close to other buttons.
>> Are you sure you mean the e200 and not the c200? On the c200 the button is
> close to other buttons. On the e200 it's separated from the other buttons,
> and on the lower left corner of the face. Not only is it very easy to locate
> by feel, but I find myself completely unable to press other buttons while
> pressing it on my e200.
Apparently this happens to me a _lot_ on my e260. I was not at all aware I
was pressing multiple buttons, I just thought that I either wasn't actually
pressing the power button or that I wasn't holding it down for long enough.
I can now reliably repeat this behavior. I can press the power button and
intentionally press another button, but even knowing that I am pressing the
other button it doesn't "feel" like I am pressing down on the other button.

If it matters, there are 3 ways I hold my player to turn it off:
- in my left hand, index finger touching the back of the player, bottom of
the player resting on the inside of the first knuckle of my middle finger,
thumb on the power button. My thumb is either just barely or not quite
touching the scroll wheel, and it definitely overlaps the bottom button.
Whether or not the player powers off depends on how I pick up my thumb and
how precise I am when pressing the power button. This is typically how I
pick up the player when I am only planning on turning it off.
- in my right hand, index, middle, and ring fingers all touching the back of
the player, bottom of the player resting along my pinky finger, thumb on the
power button. My thumb completely covers the bottom button, slightly
overlaps the left button, and is partially resting on the scroll wheel. I
often nudge the volume up or down in this configuration, but typically don't
care since I'm turning off the player anyway. I press the power button by
pushing my thumb into the player and to the left. The power shuts off if I
push my thumb more to the left as I pick it up, but not if I pick my thumb
straight up off the player or withdraw it to the right. This is how I
handle the player when playing games, navigating songs, etc. When I am
turning off the player after one of these activities, this is how I'd do it.
- the player is on the table, and I press straight down on the power button
with my index finger. I rarely or never press multiple buttons in this

It might be worth noting that when I press multiple buttons and the player
doesn't turn off, it also keeps playing the current song, so there there
will be no auto-shutdown.

Hope that's useful,


Andrew Bennett

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Received on 2008-12-04

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