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Subject: Re: Software "Off" switch?

Re: Software "Off" switch?

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 20:04:53 -0600

Jacob Rau wrote:
> There is no need to be abrupt. Can we have a neutral conversation
> about this?
Could you tell me which sentence was abrupt? Please ignore assumed tone,
and read them as text. I feel that I was neither impolite (I don't
recall accusing you of anything other than not understanding what I'm
saying) nor particularly short (I tried to make sure my explanations
were succinct, but clear).
> Let's look away from the iPod then. Forget I said anything about it.
> Focus solely on the Sansa e2x0 port. Powering off in the OF is quick
> and painless. Powering off in Rockbox is not. Two other users have
> confirmed this now--the original poster and Andrew.
Considering I made it clear my point was about the iPod, and I didn't
say anything about the e200 other than our shutdown time is similar, I
don't understand why you want to forget about the iPod now, unless you
were ignoring the fact that I was talking about the iPod earlier, and
responding about the e200 (something I'm not sure I could've inferred,
since you never made it clear you weren't discussing the points you were
quoting of mine).

> I bumped the context menu button while holding the power button,
> aborting the shut-down and letting the player continue down my
> playlist of 500 songs. Idle poweroff doesn't take over for several
> more hours, when the playlist finishes, assuming the battery isn't
> totally dead.
I wonder, do you have unusually sized fingers? First, you just need to
tap the play-pause button briefly to cause eventual idle power down. If
you are unable to tap it consistently, I don't see how you can even make
use of the normal functions of the player.
> That was a hypothetical, but hopefully now you understand where I am
> coming from. Why even have a power off function if the proper
> procedure is to stop the music and let the idle power-off take over?
That's not the proper procedure. I'm only comparing it here because
that's what the Apple firmware does, and you seemed to want to focus on
the original firmware, so I wanted to point out a more valid comparison
as to what's happening.
> How about this: as soon as the user touches the power button, stop the
> music. Then, if the user continues to hold it, power off.
On the iPod the music is paused as soon as it's touched. Hold it a
little longer, it's actually stopped. Continue holding it, it powers
down. Unless you can come up with another unused physical button, it
will just have to remain that way. The original firmware doesn't need to
distinguish between stop and pause like we must.

As to the e200, if you really think 2 seconds is an interminable wait, I
honestly suggest you develop a small amount of patience. We have had
users complain about "long press" being 1 second for other functions, to
a large degree, at other times. It is very much a matter of taste, and
having it slightly longer reduces the accidental triggers. Slightly
shorter increases the accidental triggers. In the end, avoiding
accidental triggers at the cost of 1 second time a few times a day seems
a fair tradeoff.

You may not find it a concern to accidentally press it to short, but for
example I don't find it a concern to press other buttons while shutting
down, because I use the tip of my finger. Yet I'm willing to admit that
needs to be addressed. The usability cost of a short timeout is higher
than the cost of a long timeout: Functionality vs patience.
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