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Subject: Sorry for the Long Letter

Sorry for the Long Letter

From: vislenn karantenlo <>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 22:03:19 -0500

Hello Rockbox Team Member,

Your team has done an excellent job on Rockbox and while this is a little feature that apple should have included on Ipods from the start I like the copy, cut and paste feature and the more technical and computer-like interface. I would like to learn a little about making themes and while I read the directions and tutorials I am having trouble understanding them.

I'm sure you know when you are on the so called "WPS" on the original apple firmware there is the progress bar and then when you change the volume it slides over and replaces the progress bar with the volume bar and after a few seconds or a fraction of a second the volume bar disappears. That is the effect I want to produce in rockbox. I have read the "changing the volume" on the rockbox website url:

But I don't understand how this would work or if it would produce the desired effect. I am sorry but I am very new at building themes for rockbox.

Also is there a way to build your own status bar or "code" it so it would permanently display? In other words build a status bar and set it up as a default so it displayed even when you are looking at the main menu. I haven't seen this done but if it is possible (why wouldn't it be?) would like to try it. I think that is what it is called it shows the battery and the time at the top and has some other icons. I have searched on rockbox and google for this question and found that I could not understand most of the technical talk that goes on about the status bar and the WPS. I cannot get most of the other themes to work on my rockbox and they do not require anything but the current build one example is Lineart II and what I do is plug in my ipod and put the files in the proper folders. However the themes I have currently present on my ipod (that come with rockbox) work excellent. The WPS screen itself is the main problem of many of the themes, it is always default and does not change despite loading it several times after loading the theme itself (only the color changes: foreground and background colors). I know the theme loads because the backdrop is in place and also the WPS appears on the menu that lets you load "Theme Settings" but most of the time the WPS do not work. These themes are from other users but they seem to work fine for those who have commented on the themes. When I double check it says that I do not need a special build. By the way what is an SVN? I have looked at the terms on the Rockbox website but it seems that these tutorials contain terms that are more familiar to those involved in advanced theme making.

I am very sorry for the long letter but I do not understand this problem and need your help. If you can address these questions and point me in the right direction your help will be honored and appreciated. Perhaps there is a guide that explains theme specifics to newbs like us. If there is such a guide it would be a helpful resource.

Thank you for Rockbox.


Macbook Pro 4gb RAM
Mac OS X 10.4.11 aka Tiger
160 gb Hard Drive
DSL internet connection

Refurbished - Occasional freezing problems
60 gb 5th generation video
Also the original firmware takes longer than rockbox to load on the ipod.

Rockbox Version 3.1

Imran Mohammed

List admin:
Received on 2009-01-01

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