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Subject: Re: Proposal for updating/maintenance of iPod Acc. page

Re: Proposal for updating/maintenance of iPod Acc. page

From: Dave Woyciesjes <>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 09:25:52 -0500

David Hall wrote:
> Ok, moved working accessories to the new table, fixed (some) formatting
> issues.
> 1 - Please do not encourage people to contact you via personal email.
> Rockbox business should be kept on the public lists / forums / IRC.

        Agreed, understood.

> 2 - Please attach product images directly to the wiki, do not deep-link
> images on other servers. This is not only rude, but the images are
> likely to go bye-bye.

        Yeah, makes sense. Is there a page explaining how to do that?

> 3 - Still need to debate the merits of (if not outright do):
> A - "Other" feature category in addition to the existing
> "Charging", "Audio Out", "Remote", "Audio In". Perhaps "Charging should
> be dropped as the answer is always positive or NA - with the exception
> of one - that could be replaced with a big "X" in "Other".

        Well, wouldn't Other features just go under the Comments column? As for
the Charging feature, I think it probably should stay, because it may
not work for some reason, and it is a slightly important feature...

> B - Language needed to emphasize the need to test with and without
> Accessory Power enabled - and a column is needed to report IF power is
> needed. No use wasting battery runtime if the accessory does not need
> power.

        As a newbie to Rockbox, I didn't know there was an option to fiddle
with the iPod providing accessory power. I'll have to look and see what
the default behavior is. Are newbies likely to fiddle with it, though?

> C - "Verifier" has been filled out twice since I made this table,
> both of those times by me. Bloody waste of space, IMHO.

        Kind of, sort of, yeah. But I can see the point of it. Shows whether or
not it is confirmed and not just one person goofing up.

> 4 - The more I look the more deep-links I see. We need to move those
> all on-site if possible, IMHO, or at least link something less
> transitory than manufacturer / dealer websites.

        That is something any of us can fix. I'll try to do it when I can.

> 5 - Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this.

        No problem. Like I said, I'm looking at it as a newbie, and trying to
think of way to fix it so it can be more helpful.

        We should look at the manuals, and see if there is any language there
pointing users at the Acc page also. I think there should be, and
encourage people to add info about their Acc there. As for why, see my
previous message. A newbie will want to know if their device works.
        Also, a topic in the Apple part of the forum, stuck to the top; titled
"iPod Accessory Support". In that message, ask people to add their info
to the Acc page.

        In general, I think we should try to increase awareness of that page....

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