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Subject: Re: Some thoughts

Re: Some thoughts

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:38:34 -0500

John Chilelli wrote:
> Take it from a teaching professional, you are not teaching.
You're taking things too literally, first off. Secondly, nobody's asked
a question in this round that warrants teaching. I directed someone to
the manual. If he came back and said "I read the relevant section of the
manual. It said ABC but I don't understand what that means" I'd have
been more than happy to help explain.

There's a difference between "helping someone who's making an effort"
and "helping someone who refuses to take the first basic step."
> I submit that someone else rather interested in truly helping people
> out take your place.
Nobody is assigned to do this. Nor is anyone paid. You're welcome to
take my place and attempt to help people, as long as you also encourage
them to follow the list guidelines. Among those - don't top post. One
you yourself have apparently ignored.
> Forgive me for being so blunt, but, simply put, concerning your
> ridgid aproach, Erin and the rest of us are write and you are not!
> Accessibility of this technology is difficult at best for most of us
> out here. Especially for those of us who are newly blinded and over 50.
Are you saying our website has accessibility issues? We'd love to hear
about specific issues so that we can attempt to correct them. But you'll
note nobody cited any accessibility issues in these threads. Is it
difficult to find the link for the manual?
> I add that there are areas of the manual that I have read that are
> not very clear.
Again, I'm more than happy to answer questions about statements in the
manual that are confusing. But you'll note in the prior thread the
manual wasn't even referenced by the person seeking help.
> You guys should change your tough nosed attitude and start offering
> some real help.
This list isn't here to answer questions already covered in the manual.
We'd like to keep the level of "noise" fairly low. That means asking
people to read the manual first, as well as FAQs when appropriate. These
weren't created to be ignored, and many of us subscribed to the list do
want to help, but don't want to receive dozens of emails about things
we've already spent our time writing about.

I could claim you're equally hard-nosed in your unwillingness to read
the basic documentation before asking for help. We're happy to answer
questions, but not those we've spent plenty of time already answering in
the form of our manual. If that manual is unclear, on the other hand,
let us know where and we'll do our best to clarify and explain what it says.

And if you have a question not covered in it, of course, that's also
another matter.

To say "we're wrong" simply because the list has guidelines is you
saying your opinion matters more than those of the project organizers
over their list. This project doesn't belong to you. No offense, but you
depend on it more than it depends on you. At least making the simple
effort to read the documentation first is not too much to ask, and never
will be no matter how you attempt to phrase your objection to being
asked to read the manual.
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Received on 2009-04-23

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