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Subject: Re: question about website feedback

Re: question about website feedback

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:44:17 +0100

alex wallis wrote:
> I was wondering if someone could tell me is it permissible to post on
> this list suggestions for improvements to the website?

Sure, go ahead.

The areas that I have identified as being quite hard to get around at least 
for me with jaws are the areas that provides access to the manuals and daily 
The reason for this is because of the way the page is.
When I am browsing the net with jaws, I do not get a sense in my own mind of 
what the page actually looks like to someone looking at it on the screen.
Because when I am browsing the web with jaws, jaws does not read the page as 
it is displayed on the screen, when reading a page all I have to worry about 
is using the up and down keys to navigate in the page. I will then be shown 
the various links at the top of a page, text and maybe some links 
Of course what I am shown is different depending on the page.
However for a screen reader user when browsing the web and looking at a page 
its just like reading a piece of paper from top to bottom.
What I am trying to explain with all this background information is that if 
all the links on a page are on the right and text on the left for example we 
do not get a sense of that, to us, jaws shows us the text and links on the 
screen from top to bottom taking no account of how the page visually looks.
I no this may  seem off topic, but I am trying to explain how it is for us 
browsing the internet so you can understand the problem with the manuals and 
daily builds areas.
When I am in the manuals area, it is impossible to easily find my way around 
and no what manual I am accessing until I have opened it.
This is because the way jaws is reading the page to me and I presume other 
screen reader users we get a load of headings for the various players and 
the links to the on line, html or pdf versions.
however the links are out of context with the headings so we don't no what 
player the link refers to.
I will try to demonstrate what I mean.
this is a copy and paste from the manual page showing how jaws renders the 
page, I don't think it has preserved the formatting, however I hope this 
gives you a sense of the problem.
iAudio M3
iriver H100/115
iriver H120/140
iriver H320/340
iriver H10 5GB
iriver H10 20GB
iPod 1st and 2nd gen
iPod 3rd gen
978 kB
521 kB
978 kB
521 kB
1479 kB
1434 kB
1177 kB
918 kB
1289 kB
1029 kB
922 kB
513 kB
929 kB
503 kB
As you can see from the above the links are completely out of context with 
the players, so I have no idea which player the various links are for.
I experience exactly the same problem with the page providing access to the 
daily builds.
I realise visually the pages probably make sense, but I was wondering if it 
might be possible perhaps instead of having the manuals I believe in some 
kind of table as they are now could we have separate headings for a player, 
the various links for that player then the next one and so on. Obviously 
also adapting the daily builds page to a similar layout.
I am sorry if my above message is not very clear, its quite hard for me to 
describe the problem not having any idea visually of what the page looks 
like and how you visually look at the pages.
If you have any questions about this I would be happy to answer them, as it 
would be really good to get this problem with the manual and daily build 
pages sorted as other areas of the site are fine as far as accessibility 
Received on 2009-06-12

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