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Subject: Re: question about website feedback

Re: question about website feedback

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 18:10:42 +0100

> alex wallis wrote:
>> Hi many thanks for the information.
>> I am using IE 6 I don't like IE 7 and above.
>> As for graphics settings, I have them disabled as I find them annoying.
>> I think the majority of people probably have them disabled. I enabled
>> them though just to test out what you said.
> So it sounds like the page works unless you change your settings? There
> are plenty of settings that can be changed that can break the display of
> webpages, and no amount of proper coding will create a page that will
> display well under all possible web browser setups and settings.

Unfortunately after doing more testing, I have found there are some problems
about using the g key to brows the graphics and locate player names that
the problem is that one player does not appear to have tagged graphics, or
at least if it does there is something wrong with it as one player is not
shown when I use the g key to jump to the different graphical elements for
the names.
the player that this appears to affect is
Archos Player/Studio
>> You are right pressing g does navigate to the players name, however in
>> the case of the h 1xx series, the graphic appears to be labeled as h100
>> for both h140 and the h100 itself.
> The manual for the H120/140 and H110/115 are identical, this is why the
> link is the same.
OK, but I don't think this would be obvious to a rockbox newbie, especially
one who is visually impaired, I think that even though they are identical
the links should be labeled so you have one of each. Because I think it
would be quite easy for someone to not realise that the manuals were
>> regarding your suggestion for navigating with table keystrokes,
>> this doesn't work that well for me.
>> as when you get into the table if you go to the second row and start
>> reading the columns from left to right, it reads the player model, then
>> all the links for that in one go so on line, pdf and html zip are all
>> read together.
>> when you change the row or column of the table.
>> also, as I am sure you know in a conventional table when you go across
>> the top jaws should be reading all the column headings.
>> However in the case of the rockbox site a lot of player types when using
>> the table keystrokes are only read half way through the table.
> What, exactly, do you mean "only read half way through the table?" The
> table is a grid of several players, so there aren't column headings for
> every single player as some players are in the second or third or even
> fourth line of the table and so their heading and label are on those lines
> instead.

What do you mean the table is a grid? when I visualise a table, I imagine
you have column headings either going across the top or down the side, and
then next to that other columns containing information.

there are other problems if you try to use jaws table keystrokes to navigate
the manuals, this being that for some reason table keystrokes only work till
you get to the gigabeat row, and then they just stop working you can't go
down the page any further using table keystrokes. Using table navigation
keystrokes you can't get to the mrobe100 column.

Received on 2009-06-12

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