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Subject: Re: question about website feedback

Re: question about website feedback

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 20:40:40 +0100

> On 6/12/2009 9:20 PM, alex wallis wrote:
>> Hi Christopher,
>> I saw your message posted on this thread, just one thing, please can you
>> not top post to the list, and any chance you could please get rid of all
>> the junk within your message like original message.
>> and not include the rest of the thread when you reply, unless it contains
>> points you wish to respond to.
>> if it does contain points, can you please write underneath each point you
>> want to comment on, this will make your post far more readable.
>> what exactly was the point you were trying to make with your reply? was
>> it the bit at the top about mac software?
> I'm assuming you're directing this at me, but I'm a bit confused. I didn't
> top post. I also trimmed most of what I was replying to, and I tried to
> only include the points I was replying to, but I freely admit I could have
> trimmed more. In my own defense, I spent quite a bit of time trimming over
> 75% of what I was replying to (including long signatures and messages from
> antivirus applications) from respondants who had top posted and who hadn't
> trimmed the messages they were replying to.
> Since I only wanted to make two points, and they were so closely related,
> I didn't think it made sense to embed those points in the text of the
> message I was replying to. I can see where my response might have been
> made more readable, but as I said above, I was hampered by the fact that
> the messages I was replying to had not followed list etiquette.
> The two related points I was making were:
> 1) JAWS does allow you to read the web page the way it is laid out and
> 2) using this setting might help read the page in question with JAWS.

Hi you are correct, I was directing my post at you, sorry I should have been
With regards to your post, why not just delete everything from the message
body, put your points in and send it if you didn't want to imbed your
comments in the message at particular points?
You are correct, I probably shouldn't have used the word top post, however I
just found your message hard to read because of all the junk that was still
in it such as all the lines saying original message and other stuff, as well
as a lot of previous points that you didn't seem to be responding to.
I spent several minutes trying to find your points but couldn't find them so
that's why I wrote.

Regarding your comment about being able to get jaws to read you the page as
it is displayed on the screen, is that by using the option to switch the
virtual cursor off? or is there some other setting I am not aware of?
as I would like to give navigating the manual and daily builds pages a go
with this feature.

Received on 2009-06-13

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