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Subject: Re: Apology, and a period of break.

Re: Apology, and a period of break.

From: Ed Nickl <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 19:19:00 -0400

> To everyone I've upset. I'm sorry. It's not my intention. I know you
> don't believe this...

This sums it up, this is the type of comment that has tone, not
implied/misunderstood/misread tone. YOU HAVE NO IDEA what any of us

>"Apparently I'm too arrogant for my own good."

I agree!
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From: "Paul Louden" <>
To: "Rockbox" <>; "Rockbox development"
Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2009 10:06 AM
Subject: Apology, and a period of break.

> Apparently I'm too arrogant for my own good. Or something. It's not
> something I understand, and that's why I'm writing this.
> I write posts that, if received, I would read, nod, say "okay" and not get
> angry about. At least the vast majority of the time. I can think of maybe
> three instances where I've written an email or forum posting that I've
> looked back on and thought "I shouldn't have done that." But I get a very
> negative response, it seems more and more constantly.
> It's becoming somewhat clear to me that I'm not able to relate with normal
> people in a reasonable way. I lack the basic understanding of how people
> will read "tone" in things I type, where for me they're written word and
> should be read based on the specific meanings rather than anything
> implied. The latter method seems to depend too much on the emotions and
> even specific mood a time of reading of the user.
> To everyone I've upset. I'm sorry. It's not my intention. I know you don't
> believe this, and at this point I know there's nothing I can really say
> that will make you believe this. It's that whole "emotional context" thing
> that I don't really get. I can't say I'm sorry for my behaviour, since I
> don't understand why it upsets people. This is something I'll work on. I'm
> genuinely sorry that I have upset you though, for whatever reason.
> So I'm taking a break from active Rockbox participation. I'm resigning
> from forum administration. I won't be posting on these mailing lists
> unless it's a matter I think is extremely important, since my sincere
> efforts to investigate ways to improve Rockbox seem to just backfire.
> Since I'm resigning from the steering board too, congratulations to Thom
> Johansen who, I guess very briefly, was the first backup if I understand
> correctly.
> I'll still be in IRC though there, like everywhere else, I'll be trying to
> keep my mouth shut as much as possible.
> Once I understand whatever it is I don't understand right now (I can
> hardly say what it is, since if I knew it probably wouldn't be the
> apparent problem that it is) I'll try to be more active. But since I'm
> basically kicking myself back down to "simple user" status it means other
> people can decide whether I'm going to present a negative face to the
> project, rather than them currently being in the rather unenviable
> position of probably having to decide if the negative face I'm presenting
> is bad enough for them to have to strip from me the various positions I
> seem to have stumbled into.
> I can't promise I'll be silent. I am after all human. But I can promise
> that if something does inspire me to speak up, you're just arguing with
> another annoying user now and not someone who some people, apparently, may
> see as one of the "public faces" of Rockbox. I'm no longer a member of the
> project, and am now just a user like everyone else.
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Received on 2009-06-22

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