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Subject: RE: [Bulk] Voice file and menu entry mis-matches

RE: [Bulk] Voice file and menu entry mis-matches

From: Hussein Patwa <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 07:47:44 +0100

> Hello:
> If you used the rockbox utility V1.2.2 program, that is indeed the result.
> I would suggest that you go to the Rockbox site and manually download the
> current release and the associated voice file. You will find that all
> will
> be well again.
> Cheers.
> From: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 7:39 AM
>> I've noticed since installing the v3.3 release on my iPod Video 30GB
>> that
>> the voice file may be speaking something different than is actually on
>> the
>> screen. This means often settings and menu entries are meaningless in
>> the
>> context within which they are presented.
>> Here are a few examples of navigating through menus. The entries given
>> are those spoken by the voice file. As I'm severely partially sighted,
>> it's very difficult for me to try to visually see what's on the screen,
>> but I figure it must be the voice otherwise surely others would have
>> raised this issue previously?
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > System > Disk > Disk Spindown > 400
>> mA Hours
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > Voice Directories > Treble Cutoff >
>> No
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > System > Limits > 10 minutes
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > System > Directory Cache > Time &
>> Date > 5 seconds
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > Playlists > Rockbox Info > Yes
>> Menu > Settings > General Settings > System > Maximum playlist size >
>> Car
>> adapter mode
>> Menu > system > Battery Level > Free Disk Space 28% 3 hours 12
>> Menu > System > Time Format > Maximum entries in file browser > 0
>> minutes
>> Other oddities include:
>> "Yes, recent only" is spoken after System in Menu > Settings > General
>> Settings
>> "Very fast" is spoken after the Alarm Wake-up screen entry under Menu >
>> Settings > General Settings > System
>> "Free disk space" is spoken rather than Battery level.
>> As you can see, this makes using most of the player's features quite
>> unuseable. Also, I cannot find the rockbox info > build info section
>> anywhere, although I did stumble across it in some completely unrelated
>> menu last night. In any case, it's using the rockbox supplied voice
>> file
>> and daily build from 27 Jun 2009. The same however happens with the
>> latest daily build which at the time of writing was 29 Jun 2009 and
>> voice
>> file from the same date. I've tried making my own voice file from a
>> different TTS but this makes no difference.

<Hussein Patwa>
Thanks for your reply. However, I do not use the Rockbox Utility as it is
inaccessible to screen readers (more on this in a separate post as I'd
like to help make it accessible, but I digress). I've always downloaded
voice files from the rockbox site manually, and it's with those that I'm
having the problem.

Also, my own voice file generated with my TTS was created using cygwin and
the configure script following a full checkout from SVN on 29 June 2009.

Both of the above are giving the problems detailed previously.
</Hussein Patwa>

As an addition to this I tried the latest voice file from and
the latest build R21578 with exactly the same result. The same happens when
I create my own voice file as well.

Anyone have any tips that could fix this? Anyone else using voices on the
iPod 30GB having this issue? What confuses me is that it happens with the
stock voice as well as my own generated one.


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