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Subject: Weird VFAT filesystem on Olympus M:ROBE.

Weird VFAT filesystem on Olympus M:ROBE.

From: Guillaume Yziquel <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:39:13 +0200


I've contacted people on IRC 4 months or so ago, about a broken
filesystem. I was using rockbox 3.1 on an Olympus M:ROBE. For the
record, here is the conversation:

> <yziquel_> bluebrother: wow... just had a look at the .rockbox
> folder.

The paste is still available at

> <bluebrother> yziquel_: looks like a corrupt filesystem.
> <yziquel_> can a battery getting flat cause such a corruption?
> <bluebrother> no
> <yziquel_> bluebrother: so can it be the mass storage device
> partitions that are in a bad shape?
> <bluebrother> that doesn't necessarily mean the partitions being
> messed up. It's the filesystem.
> <bluebrother> of course it could also the hard disk dying and
> causing weird filesystem issues.
> <bluebrother> but with a messed up partiton table you won't be able
> to simply mount the filesystem at all, so ...
> <yziquel_> bluebrother: how can i have a more in depth look at that
> issue?
> <bluebrother> yziquel_: first you should chkdsk / fsck.vfat the drive

So I checked the vfat filesystem:

> yziquel_at_seldon:~$ sudo fsck.vfat -f /dev/sdb
> dosfsck 3.0.3, 18 May 2009, FAT32, LFN
> Orphaned long file name part "txt"
> 1: Delete.
> 2: Leave it.
> ? delete
> Invalid input.
> ? 1
> /.rockbox
> Has a large number of bad entries. (13/25)
> Drop directory ? (y/n) y
> Reclaimed 135 unused clusters (552960 bytes) in 16 chains.
> Leaving file system unchanged.
> /dev/sdb: 173 files, 83998/1218556 clusters

And I started removing the .rockbox folder to make a new rockbox
installation. After deleting a file, I get complaints about the
filesystem being read-only:

> seldon:/media/usb0/.rockbox# ls
> ?.0 2.0 2.0 3.0 -.a g.e -.k -.k t.? u./
> seldon:/media/usb0/.rockbox# rm t.\? seldon:/media/usb0/.rockbox# rm
> g.e rm: ne peut enlever `g.e': Système de fichiers accessible en
> lecture seulement

Reinstalling rockbox is just a matter of patience. However, I am a bit
worried about the behaviour of this vfat filesystem. I'm afraid that
corrupt filesystem issues will keep happening.

Is this any sort of known issue on Olympus M:ROBE players?

All the best,

      Guillaume Yziquel
Received on 2009-07-18

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