voicebox problem solved

From: Leonard Morris <lmorris1953_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 05:08:34 +0800

Recently I asked about voicebox not creating .talk clips. Fortunately, after much troubleshooting I successfully resolved the problem. I reviewed the voicebox.log file and noticed the entry stated that the specified folder already exists. So I created a new folder with a new name and placed one mp3 file in there and ran voicebox again. This time voicebox created a .talk file to name the folder but still did not create the .talk clip for the file I placed in it. So I went back and looked at what was checked and unchecked in voicebox.hta and noticed that "voice individual files user preference" was unchecked. When I checked this and ran voicebox again everything worked correctly. I even discovered the voicebox.log showed the name of the mp3 file to be voiced. Here's my question, what's the point of unchecking the "voice individual files user preference" area within voicebox.hta? Thanks.

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