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Subject: Re: unable to get latest version of rockbox to work on old V1

Re: unable to get latest version of rockbox to work on old V1

From: Ed Nickl <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 20:08:08 -0400

> Ed Nickl wrote:
>> Way to provide friendly, intelligent, helpful support.
> Way to actually read the whole thread - the user was given friendly,
> helpful, intelligent support. Then Tom Cole ranted at the Rockbox staff
> for having done so.
>> Instead of ranting on how others do things that differ from how you
>> would, how about actually helping someone? If I used voice files, or if
>> I had one of those players, I would give it a try myself. But I am just
>> a lowly 'user'.
> By this point the problem has long since been solved, so I don't
> understand your point here at all. There's no support being requested at
> the moment, and the answer had already been proposed long before my first
> post in this thread. Then again, this is clearly a "do as I say, not as I
> do" because I note you chose to post not to help a support request, but to
> "rant on how others do things that differs from how you would." Seriously,
> you don't make a point by acting in exactly the way you decry.
>> Wow, way to go on a "support" list... I wish I could do that in my
>> profession. My work load would be so light!
> Nobody's getting paid here. Nobody was denied support. All I said was "If
> you don't like that we sometimes miss things on release, don't use the
> software." That's the process I was referring to (again something I guess
> you missed by not reading everything). This wasn't about denying anyone
> support, and never was. Support was given, but Tom Cole claimed that it
> was "unacceptable" that the release happened to have a broken voice file
> overlooked, and "unacceptable" that Dominik simply requested to hear if
> his proposed solution actually worked.
> Seriously, I know people have a negative opinion of me around here, but if
> you're just gonna jump in every time I post looking for an excuse to rant
> at me, at the *very* least read what's actually going on so you don't make
> a fool of yourself while doing it.
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Double WOW!
First, I think YOU NEED TO READ everything, instead of the usual variant of
"look for yourself". I did read them all, and I DIDN'T jump in every time
you make a post, but if you bother to research what happened, as typical,
you make a smart ass comment, which you can deny was intended that way
forever, but was exactly that. Then after a couple more attempts to defend
it, others including me just can't, scratch that, just don't want to hold
back any longer. I cannot think of any other list I am on where there is
any let alone 1 specific person that seems to cause problems almost every
time they contribute.

As for the problem, sure someone ship me one of the old Archos v1s, and I
will be glad to give it a shot. I don't think any of the 5 devices I have
Rockbox on have a memory limitation close to that. I actually would love to
try it to see what blind or visually impaired people have to put up with. I
personally cannot imagine how frustrating or difficult it must be. Rockbox
must be the best choice for an audio player, if not the only choice for

You seem to be the one that degrades the conversation into name calling
almost instinctively. And as for you calling me a fool, thank you. You
could not have given me a better compliment, I would hope to be nothing else
in your eyes.

I have just now created an email rule on my pc that should prevent me, at
least, from continuing this any longer. I will continue to read as I always
have, and I plan on responding only on actual technical/helpful issues.

Received on 2009-10-01

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